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  1. Savage CYOA I
  2. Savage CYOA II : The Shattered Sands
  3. Savage CYOAIII : One may smile, and be a villain
  4. Savage CYOA 3.5 Minigame : Escape the Labryrinth!
  5. CYOA V - Nature teaches Beasts to know their friends.
  6. Only the dead have seen the end of war ľA game of Risk!
  7. All kings are foes of the men they rule - Compete for the Throne of Forudonia!
  8. Killing them softly, let's play Blood Sword : The Battlepits of Krarth
  9. All things Wyrd and Wonderful: Let's Play Blood Sword 2!
  10. What can be found in the Yellow Pizza Room?
  11. Time for a manicure, lets play Blood Sword 3: The Demons Claw
  12. Learn history and stab people: Let's Play 1066:The Last Invasion
  13. 01000010011010010110111001100001011100100111100100 10000001100100011010010111001101100
  14. Let's play HANGMAN!!!!
  15. Challenge Ikearumba 1 : One Handed Cut
  16. Let's do the Doomwalk again, it's Blood Sword 4!
  17. Forudonia Interlude: "The Return to Gendomus"
  18. Back once again with the Renegade Lord - It's Falcon, TIME Agent!
  19. Open Forum Games and Players - What can I join?
  20. In Spyte of it all....Let's Finish with Blood Sword 5!
  21. Five word story: What can you add?
  22. Best pony pic wins the ENTIRE INTERNET!
  23. Poll - The Next Forum Game
  24. Lost Ronin Tournament
  25. Blood on the Sand: Assemble your domus and fight!
  26. CYOA VI FAQ and Preparation
  27. CYOA VI - Anima of the East - Adkarnan Accord
  28. CYOA VI - Anima of the East - Shining Monkeys
  29. A Wander In The Wasteland
  30. CYOA Dragon
  31. Ponies 2.0
  32. The guessing game