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Ikearumba 07-02-2011 10:03 AM

Open Forum Games and Players - What can I join?
Hi all,

This will keep track of the open Forum Games, along with who can join in on them:

Main Players

Name - Wander in the Wasteland
Open - Open to all to vote on the path!

Name -CYOA VI - Anima of the East (Closed for new entrants)
Participants: Evilrebel, Tommyhybrid, Taawus, Rozsd_s, Pidgeoni, Qwernakus, Avatom, Melanosol, SonOfAthena, floAr, booiiing, blackcat

Other Dormant Random Games:

Binary Thread
Challenge Ikearumba: One handed cut

Completed Games available to read:

Lost Ronin Tournament
Blood and Sand
The Battle For Forudonia
Falcon: Agent of Time
1066: The Last Invasion
Blood Sword 4
Blood Sword 3: Demons Claw
Blood Sword 2: Kingdom of Wyrd
Blood Sword: Battlepits of Krath
CYOAV : Nature teaches beasts to be their friends
Only the dead have seen the end of war: A game of risk
Interlude: Return to Gendomus
CYOA III: One may smile, and be a villain
CYOA II : Shattered Sands
CYOA I: Hellbourne War Chronicles

Completed games hidden in archives pending release:

CYOA IV - If Chance makes me king, chance will crown me

Ikearumba 12-02-2011 11:23 AM

Updated the OP with the following Forum Game updates:

CYOA I, II and III have now been released from the archives and are now available to read

I'm going to drop the current ideas I have here – please feel free to voice what you'd like to see next and if you have any suggestions, drop them in too!

Current ideas for Forum Games:

Short/Medium Length:

Gladiators (Romanesque setting): As the owner of a ludus you are expected to make effective decisions in obtaining, training and outfitting your gladiators for combat. In this land, gladiators of opposing schools are pitted against each other, with glory and cold, hard cash for the victors, and a shallow grave for the losers! Game will run for 5 seasons with three main events per season – winner decided by a victory point assignment.

Mercenaries (Modern Setting): Assemble your crack squad of mercenaries from an available list, outfit them, promote them as you see fit and then send them on missions with specific orders. Every player sends his squad on the same mission, the player who obtains the best result for each mission wins the round. Game will run for six rounds with upgrades possible between each.

Arrrrrrrrrr! (Renaissance setting): Get a loan, buy a ship, assemble a crew and then sail the seas! Whether you're after money, power, fame or something inbetween, all of that can be achieved on the waves! Who will be the most successful after a decade at sea?

The Last Ronin/Highlander (Edo period): Design and tweak your Ronin warrior and then set him on the path to ultimate victory or destruction. There can be only one!

Savage Players Poker Night: Does what it says on the tin. Texas hold em, no limit poker. Who will emerge victorious?

Long/Epic Length:

Gangsters (1920’s setting): Start in a hideout with a single Capo and build your gang into a force to be reckoned with. Set in a city, players will potentially need to recruit, extort, bribe, threaten, assault and kill to get to the top….especially when there are many rival gangs in the city in addition to the police (Open ended)

I want pew pew lasers and spaceships (Think Sins of a Solar Empire crossed with Freespace): From a single planet your arkship lands on spread your civilisation throughout the Galaxy, survival is what matters in the end when something unexpected occurs in that neck of the Universe… (Open Ended)

CYOA VI – The Soul of the East

Set fifteen years after the conclusion of CYOA IV – Northern Alliance. Far to the east a large coastal city acts as the hub of trade and commerce for the numerous nomad tribes that travel the eastern plains and deserts. A dockyard gang trying their best to survive in harsh conditions gets caught up in a series of plots that have potential ramfications for the whole of Newerth.

Other Ideas:

Classic Game SSLP – I'm thinking it might be fun to run a SSLP of a classic game or two, both showing off the older games as well as keeping a high level of interactivity (Fallout 1 or 2, Baldurs Gate, Rome Total War – Open to suggestions for others but I think any of the above would work pretty well)

Pre-Made CYOA books – The Blood Sword series is coming to an end and we've also covered a historical one and a Falcon one. I'm thinking of giving these a back seat for a while, but do have plenty more if there's enough interest.

SonOfAthena 12-02-2011 05:13 PM

Doesn't matter. Will be fun either way. :)

Qwernakus 12-02-2011 05:18 PM

Tough one! The Pew Pew one and the potential return of technologically and generally superior Union, or another epic story in the series of CYOA's?

I shall consider.

communty 12-02-2011 05:31 PM

Poker night + 1 open ended

EvilRebel 12-02-2011 05:47 PM

I'm mostly interested in the level of interaction. CYOAs tends to be highly guided in is largely just about decided whether to go right or left. I'm more interested in highly interactive games like Forudonia, though it doesn't necesarily have to be quite as big.

Taawus 12-02-2011 09:45 PM

CYOA's were quite open, you had to know your limits!

While I'm tempted for pew pew in space in the Forudonian universe (because I'd like time to re-read up on older characters of CYOA to refresh memory), I'd say CYOA VI has had it long coming.

Classic Game SSLP : X-Com - Enemy Unknown?

SonOfAthena 12-02-2011 10:43 PM

What's SSLP anyway?

Taawus 12-03-2011 01:37 AM

Slide-show lets play afaik.

Ikearumba 12-03-2011 10:18 AM

It is true that CYOA's are a game based on a story, so there's not as much interactivity - however I have plans to help that with the next one (much more character skills and a few other bits and pieces).

I'm probably going to do one or two short/medium/SSLP first (I thought it was screen shot let's play, but slide show let's play works as well!) before getting stuck into one of the epic length ones, so can bear that in mind!

Of course, when it comes closer to the time i'll throw up a poll ;)

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