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PetzI 07-27-2013 02:55 PM

Petzi's Fantasy mod
Petzi's Fantasy mod

Hey there everyone, I'm finally posting my biggest Savage 2 mod! It's named after me, and it started off as a copy of hellpeak where I would conduct experiments of lots of different modding ideas. As the years went by, there started to be ideas that seemed like they'd be interesting to try out in an actual game, so I eventually began shaping it into a playable mod rather than just a heap of ideas.

So that's what Petzi's Fantasy is, a collection of the best ideas I was able to get working all neatly packaged and balanced into a proper, playable, fun variant of Savage 2. Here are some of the highlights and trivia:

- Symmetrical teams.
- Once one team builds a Technology Structure the other team cannot build it., so the teams will be racing for tech.
- In some maps, tech can only be built on certain spots.
- A Necromancer unit (a lot like the old Summoner).
- A Jedi Knight unit.
- A Wizard unit.
- A unique unit called the Ares on Wheels, which does no damage to buildings but serves as a Spawn point for teammates, so it's essentially a unit for backdooring.
- A total of 10 units in the mod, 4 new ones and 6 old ones.
- 3 new items.
- Over 10 new weapons and abilities.
- 8 maps adapted from the standard Savage 2.

I created the mod, but there's a whole bunch of people who helped me along the way. The names are far too many to mention, because it was basically the entire Savage 2 modding community. I'd like to specially thanks Pidgeoni for the particle effect he made and the big help with all things interface. But like I said, there were many people who lended me a hand, both in the modding and the testing. Thanks, everyone!

Download (version 1.10) (2014/03/30)

(version 1.00) (2013/07/27)
Two Necromancers with a Zombie
The Commander's view, with the building screen
The Loadout
A Wizard witnessing the Ares on Wheels
A Jedi Knight using Force Lightning on a herd of Demon Boars
The Ares on Wheels compared to 5 stacked Behemoths and a Stronghold

PetzI 07-27-2013 03:19 PM

There's also going to be a public test of the mod next Tuesday, on the 30rd of July. I'll post a thread for it soon.

rohezal 07-28-2013 11:48 AM

Cool :)

knehtje 07-28-2013 12:19 PM

Looks really cool. :)

meankitty2 07-28-2013 02:34 PM

You should ask stony to stream the event, if he won't stream it I am willing!

PetzI 07-28-2013 02:50 PM

Streaming would be pretty cool! It would give the American players who get 400ms latency a way of participating :D

I also wanted to look into recording the replay. Is it possible to do that on custom servers?

PetzI 03-30-2014 07:40 PM

Updated to version 1.10!

There's going to be a Mod event for this next Sunday, 6th of April 2014. I hope to see you all there!


Originally Posted by Change log 1.10
- Lowered Tower prices to match the normal Savage 2 prices.
- Adjusted Tech Building prices.
- Maps with the Building Site system now have special, lower prices for Tech Buildings.
- Lowered cooldown of Necromancer's Repair spell to 30s from 60s.
- Tweaked Health of Tech Buildings.
- Increased Force Lightning bounce range to 500 from 400.
- Increased Force Lightning damage to do more damage against pairs of enemies.
- Decreased Force Lightning mana cost for when you miss.
- The Ares on Wheels now receives extra damage from Builders instead of Shamans.
- The Wizard's Fireball now requires a Tier 1 building, as does the Jedi Mindtrick and the Necromancer's Corpse Explosion.
- Allied Players (and Zombies) turned into Chiprels now get a 150% attack-damage bonus within a 1500 radius of each other.
- Instead of placing a Worker Portal, the Commander now selects a gadget or building to serve as a destination for Workers when they are Recalled. Workers no longer get their attack disabled when Recalled.
- The Jedi Academy now unlocks Taming Flutes.
- Lowered Corpse Explosion cooldown from 100s to 30s.

- Adjusted the Ares' selection radius.
- Decreased Force Pull angle from 360 to 180.
- Spectators no longer use the Hunter model :<
- Fixed some texture seams in Crossroads as well as the blockers in the middle.
- Added more variable resets after sleeps to the mod's scripts to fix some Chiprelmorph and Worker Recall glitches.
- Removed range limit of Dispel (at one point the Wizard had it).
- Recalling a Worker now checks whether the Worker Portal is just a corpse.
- Corpse Explosion now also chains with Players that are killed in the explosion, Pets and NPCs.
- Tweaked a bunch of text here and there.
- Getting Chiprelmorph cast on you twice should no longer break your Third Person option.
- Deleted a couple of unused files to reduce filesize.
- Chiprelmorph no longer unlocks the entire inventory upon returning to normal. Ranged weapons still have this bug.
- Necromancers no longer keep their Zombie Skills when resurrected.
- Added Shield of Wisdom to the Commander's "Structure Unlock Tips".
- Fixed a bug that caused Tech Buildings to be wrongly destroyed.
- Reworked the Taming Flute, it seems to be working nicely now.

- The Commander can now see players' names in the Squad portraits (stolen from Wiwi's mod).
- Necromancers now have two of the Zombie Commands in their Inventory bar.
- Builders can now see building Prerequisites in their building menu.

- Added map Taiga by Darxio

S2stony 04-06-2014 10:09 AM

I am setting up the server right now.

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