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S2stony 07-28-2011 09:35 PM

Savage 2 Rules for Competitive Play
Clan War & Tournament - specific rules
1. No runes

2. No going into areas or placing gadgets in areas that are clearly not intended to be used by players/gadgets
  • An area is "OK" if you are able to 100% legitimately get up to the place in question while only holding the "W" key and using your mouse for direction. If you have to sprint, charge/dash, or jump to get to the location in question, it is not allowed. This includes using methods like charge and sprint to get past terrain obstacles or past props that are intended to block off a path, like using charge to get past the walls on Morning or placing a portal on the other side of the walls.

3. No going on top of allied or enemy structures

4. No spectating during a live match except for designated officials

5. No clan-hopping mid-tournament

6. No exceptions
  • Teams who cannot field a full roster ten (10) minutes after the previously determined match time forfeit automatically. Teams can agree to field less members if they are both in an agreement to forgo forfeiting.
PuG - specific rules
1. Do not join unless invited

2. Do not join a team unless told to do so by the PuG organizer

3. Do not give out the password

4. Do not use runes

5. Do not join the game until everyone has joined and shuffled first if you are the commander chosen by the PuG organizer

6. Do not join a match already in progress unless the PuG organizer agrees.

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