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Here is v1.1. Enjoy!

Commander :
  • Fixed a bug that made the +750 gold button not giving gold to the right player
  • Fixed a bug that listed the Academy and the Predator Den as having no requirements. (This bug is in the default UI too)
  • Changed Team Admin hotkey from A to Q.
  • Left panel :
    • Increased the left panel's size by 30%.
    • Players names will appear on their icon.
    • Players affected by Cripple will have a green icon, players affected by Life Leak will have a red icon, players affected by both will have a purple icon.
    • Players and Workers life bars won't progressively turn to red anymore, but will turn yellow if under 40% and red if under 20%

Action Player :
  • Dead squadmates will have a skull over their icons
  • Squadmates life bars won't progressively turn to red anymore, but will turn yellow if under 40% and red if under 20%
  • Made Squadmates bars clearer
  • When using a beast siege, the charge bar will not appear. When using a human siege, only the health bar will appear.
  • The health bar is now brighter
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Attack order from disapearing if you used another order.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented other player's health bar from changing color.
  • Klepto's pad :
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the Attribute panel from appearing
    • Added new quickchat phrases : "Recall if needed", "Shaman, I need a storm shield"/"Builders, use your shields"
    • Added new chat phrases : "My siege needs repairs" "My siege is attacked, I need defense" under the "Need" menu.
    • Rephrased some messages.
Alt Info :
  • Changed the toggle button from Alt to Numpad Divide
  • NPCs bars are now more transparent
Other :
  • 6 additionnal loading screens made from artworks.
  • Voice chat panels will stay 5 seconds after the person stopped talking. The voice bubble will still disapear immediatly though.
  • Added a new stat on the end game screen : Game SF, which is Experience divided by time played.
  • Submit buttons on the end game screen will now be instantly enabled if a vote is chosen.
  • Merged both widescreen and non-widescreen version. It now reads your screen aspect ratio. (You must correctly enter it in the options menu).
  • Optimized the bottom bar space for widescreens.

I will also host this version on

A counter of players with more than 20 souls. (I see how to do this)
A "select all workers" button. (Impossible unless there is a "multiple select" function)
Compatible with Practice and Duel. (I have no idea how to do this, or even if it's possible)

Is there a way to change the thread's title to announce this version ?

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