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Here it is : v1.2 !

Commander :
  • The build menu has been replaced by a commander version of Klepto's pad, including shortcuts to say your cooldowns, give orders, notify your team... You can either use your numpad or click the buttons.
  • Added 3 "possible hellbourne counters", counting the number of players who have enough souls for a hellbourne. A single player can only count for one counter, for exemple, a player with 9 souls will increase the Devourer counter, but not the Revenant one.
Alt Info :
  • Optimised the alt info for a slight FPS gain. (Don't expect too much.)
  • Resurection icons for the other race will now appear over dead enemies not returned to the loadout.
  • The altinfo "button" in the numpad panel will now turn on or off if the altinfo is on or off.
Other :
  • The bottom bar should arrange itself according to your monitor's width, not it's ratio. It caused overlapping on small widescreens.
  • You can now swap the position of the skills on the loadout menu. Your changes will be saved, and restored even if you quit. Also added a reset button to default everything.
  • Added a secret bonus. I wonder how fast you can find it

Easily modifiable hotkeys. (v1.3)
Showing names of the players by hovering the hellbourne counters. (v1.3)
A "select all workers" button. (Impossible unless there is a "multiple select" function)
Compatible with Practice and Duel. (I have no idea how to do this, or even if it's possible)

Don't hesitate to post any bug, overlap or even spelling mistake.

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