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Releasing v1.3, mostly containing tools for commanders and bugfixes.
I had to rush this since I'm leaving tomorrow, so this may contain a few bugs.

Commander :
  • Added 3 shortcuts to select your 3 workers.
  • When a worker is attacked, his icon will turn red.
  • Added 4 "Give to all" buttons on the Team Admin panel to give gold to all players. If you don't have enough gold, Officers will be given first, then 1st squad member, etc...
  • Added 4 "Give up to" buttons on the Team Admin panel to give gold to all players up to a certain point. For exemple, if a player has 422 gold and you press "Give up to 750", you'll give him 328 gold and thus, he'll have 750 gold. If you don't have enough gold for all players, priorities are the same as the "Give to all" buttons.
  • Give money buttons are now greyed up when you can't use them.
  • You can now hover your mouse over a hellbourne counter to see the names of the players.
  • There is now a small number on the malphas counter indicating who has 17-19 souls. ("Almost Malphas")
  • Added the total gold counter from patch 2.1. (Or rather, patch 2.1 added the total gold counter from here )
Action Player :
  • New "Skip" button on the Level panel which allows you to hide the attribute panel until your next level.
  • Corrected a bug with the yes/no button on the vote panel.
  • Fixed bugs related to the swappable inventory. It is now safe to use. (Thanks stony !)

General :

  • Added hotkeys.xml, which you'll be able to customize to change your keyboard shortcuts. Can also change the character in the main menu.
  • The chat bubble of the voice chat panels will correctly disappear when the person stops talking. The name of the person will only disappear after 3 seconds.
  • When permanent alt info is turned off, Alt button is activated. When it is turned on, Alt button is disactivated.
  • Increased the volume of the Arnold2 taunts to match the other voice commands.
  • Sudden death is now correctly indicated on the bottom bar.
  • Free accounts now correctly see locks on their inventory slots 5 and 6.
  • Fixed a native Savage 2 bug in the options menu that prevented the correct usage of media buttons on special keyboards.
  • Minor graphic enhancements, including a redesign of the commander rating panel to make it look like patch 2.1

Wiwi's mods : Improved UI and other newt things. Click these images for more info:

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