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v1.4 S00N. I'd say in a few hours.

Here's images I made to explain the different features of the UI. You might learn a thing or two. I'm not a photoshop pro, so I hope these won't look too amateur.

Changelog :

Action player screen :

  • The builder and conjurer's build screen is now designed like the normal action player screen, and includes numpad hotkeys for buildings.
  • New stats panel, telling you your stats for the match. It can be disactivated in the settings.
  • Kim's numpad now includes an autodonate menu. The autodonate will automatically give your gold over a certain amount. For exemple, setting the amount to 750 will give every gold over 750. Default value is 2000, changeable in the settings. Gold is given in packs of 50 or more in order to reduce spam on the commander's screen.
  • Speed and Armor are now displayed in the center HUD (Thanks mangst !)
  • The hover player's info in the center HUD (right part) now displays level and items.
  • Gadget's health and time bars are wider.
Commander screen :
  • Debuff indication method changed : Instead of a color per debuff, it will show the debuff icon and color the icon red or roange depending on the gravity of the debuffs. 6 debuffs are shown, see the comm's information image.
  • Hellbourne counters and Total gold counter now update instantly as soon as a player gets a soul or gold. They are now 100% accurate.
  • Megamap is now transparent.
  • Team admin panel and Megamap do not have titles anymore.
Altinfo :
Heavy remake of the altinfo. You can consider this Wiwi's altinfo v2.0.
  • Slightly optimised for FPS gain. It's still the worst altinfo in terms of performence due to the number of features, but you can disactivate it with Numpad Divide if it becomes too bad.
  • Now includes Doc-O-Meter and Sac-O-Meter from eaxs's altinfo.
  • Now includes distance to the target.
  • Doesn't show a skull over enemies with 20% or less health anymore.
  • Enemies will have a yellow bar when they have less than 30% health instead of 40%.
  • Fixed squad color sometimes being wrong.
Other :
  • Major :
    • Added an autologin setting that will remember your password and login directly when you click the login button. Because using this will make your password appear in plain text in a game file, it is disactivated by default.
    • The server browser now remembers your filter settings.
    • Two new hotkeys for toggling the music and the FPS counter. Defaults are Inser and Suppr.
    • Now includes Awesome Taunt Pack.
    • settings.xml has a lot more options to choose from and hotkeys to change.
  • Minor :
    • When a vote starts, you will hear OpMindcrime's sexy voice announcing it.
    • Shuffle Teams changed to Balance Teams. Because I can.
    • Fixed graphical bug on the commander rating panel.
    • Unit description in the loadout menu is now replaced by unit damages, speeds and range for sieges.
    • Observer now has a megamap. If you're watching a replay, you can click on the icon, but if you're spectating, you don't have a mouse so you have to use the hotkey.
    • You can now use VCs as an observer or in the lobby.
    • The bottom bar will now be smaller for screens with less than 1100 pixels wide. I do not guarantee there won't be any more graphical errors, but it'll be better.
    • Overlay chat now has a height limit and won't fill the screen as much when you join a game and get all the chat at once.

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