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Default USA Roster Match PUG List

What is the Roster List? The Roster list is an active-use email (but very little email numbers are sent out) based system built on emailing recognized players to inform them of scheduled matches with fellow recognized players to bring a higher class experience for the attendees in a private match. Joining the roster list is simple! Regardless of how skilled you think you may be, send me your email in a PM (click here!) and I will take care of what needs to be done! All operations are anonymous, bcc, and spam free - and you can resign from the list at anytime.

Below is our current roster list.

bold means the link brings you to their forum account.
C means they have sent me their email, % means they have denied to take part in the roster matches or email.
N means they confirmed and do not visit the forum, P means "private message me instead of email".
B means currently under temp ban or notified extended leave.

Overall total: 64.
2011 CERTIFIED: 44

Roster Listings & Progress:
P -Art_
C -Accelerator
C -AdmiralXiggy 2011
C -asheron 2011
P -Bodom_Child 2011
P -BenArthur 2011
C -bugzer
C -Blibumm 2011
C -Caffeine
C -CypherZ 2011
C -DJWhoDunnit 2011
-digimonkey 2011
-eccentrix 2011
C -Eclipse_2011
C -eyeris 2011
N -Face_
C -Fisky 2011
P -gahd
P -Hersheys
C -Hug "Dewey" 2011
P -HYP 2011
C -iAm 2011
P -irk 2011
C -joon109 2011
P -Kaden23
-Kelham 2011
C -KraGeRzR 2011
N -KrazE94
C -landscape01 2011
C -Leyleth 2011
C -MBomber 2011
C -MoGa
C -mozes540 2011
P -Muzzle 2011
C -Mythman 2011
P -Noob`
C -Nooby442 2011
C -Old55 2011
C -oovsaviour
P -Pidgeoni 2011
C -RedOmen
C -schism
C -Semipsyc
C -Seraphin 2011
N -shdwplayer
C -shredder1970
C -Shusuu
C -Sienestaja 2011
C -Sintax 2011
C -Spooc 2011
P -Syllent
C -TimiC 2011
C -Vindicated 2011
C -Visserys 2011
C -VitaminM
C -weasel92 2011
P -xxploit
% chrissi12321 2011
% element909 2011
% Helis 2011
% Nilsic 2011
% weikemp 2011
B -YQ_ANGEL 2011 we'll miss you, buddy.
USA Roster Match List -- Join today to be notified of upcoming Savage 2 player matches!

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