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Fire Shield popularity

well despite my rant about it being a sausage fest, I have to admit I don't understand why this game is not more popular. Even with all the usual explanations (bad attitudes,hasty release, limited customization, :P w//e none of the explanations seem enough..gamers are used to bad attitudes, etc. I find the melee techniques difficult to "master", but I fail at all the action games i play so I can't assume the newb curve is a big enough issue..well I guess sometimes its just bad luck/timing I guess. Who knows why something doesn't gain popularity when something else far inferior eg how is it that Mcdonald's has such global appeal vs something like Steak and Shake? Of course Management goals/limitations and any relevant social diseases i'd suppose would play a role..maybe its time for an affiliate program or something else to promote the franchise (look at how popular wartune is ?! all from hype!)..or also a competitive upgrade to the game next I think this game could do better if it had an browser only extension that catered mostly to the wartune/commander type crowd.(a persistent browser environment for would be commanders/clans or just browser users who haven't downloaded the melee client to build a "kingdom" these could then host/generate either new or preset maps/ arenas(eg if they try to take a certain area in the browser landscape) that the "skirmishers" on that server could put the battles in their map rotations by registering/applying to the ruler and play out scheduled or match-up arenas that help determine the outcomes in real time..the browser users and their clans could rant and rave watching/joining real S2 gamers take the role of their lose or draw.. To be honest I'm planning to create a game like that but I don't mind sharing the idea since with my interest level skill set and time management flaws I'm unlikely to ever complete such a project. If it doesn't effect existing modes of play or current servers there shouldn't be a disservice to existing users. I guess my point is..tapping into the fly by night browser gaming fan base could result in a boost of client users too if a hybrid server or two is generated. a simple but integrated browser version would be a good dynamic preview/promotional to any client game franchise like HoN/S2 that already has good art/imagery and unique fast paced gameplay. Wow I can really see that being cool..your kingdom could even have a nice hall of champions in the "city" to honor its greatest client-side players that have fought for them.and access replays to surrender to some rpg elements and give players a portrait or avatar to play with for that though noone would want a hall of champions with nothing but the same looking savages lining the walls only with different usernames! haha thatd really byte.
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