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Originally Posted by `_o View Post
I guess there is a reasonable chance this would be doable (ok largely depending on what kind of buffer it is - it might be as easy as patching in a call to fsync at some easily recognizable place or it might be deadend after deadend - really hard to estimate such stuff) but if you are just after console output you might as well consider redirecting stdout if that is unbuffered. Maybe you could even use tee ( ) to do it transparently.
That's a good idea, but I think the problem would persist. If I remember right, the server console has some weird behavior where if you get output dump (like on map change) that is larger than the buffer size, it simply doesn't write it to the console. No matter what you do, it is lost from stdout. However, it does still get written to console.log A 0 buffer console.log would at least let you poll the log file and react accordingly.
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