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Originally Posted by Old55 View Post
That's a good idea, but I think the problem would persist. If I remember right, the server console has some weird behavior where if you get output dump (like on map change) that is larger than the buffer size, it simply doesn't write it to the console. No matter what you do, it is lost from stdout. However, it does still get written to console.log A 0 buffer console.log would at least let you poll the log file and react accordingly.
Ouch, ok, i guess it would have been to nice if it would have been that easy. Out of curiousity: How does the wrapper talk back to the server? Is there actually some kind of rcon functionality? Also is this publically available somewhere? Maybe i just did not look closely enough but it does not seem to be part of the default install.

Originally Posted by Old55 View Post
It has been a long time and it isn't something I know a lot about, and I lost all my old xchat logs. If I recall we was talking about ld_preloading to override existing things. Again, not something I know anything about.
Ah, i see. I guess he was after headers then since i do not see why getting names would be a problem because if the function is exported the name has to be in the binary anyways (and can be easily dumped with stuff like nm -D). Headers would save you from having to figure out function parameters (which is nice but in my opinion not one of the big problems) and might at least give you a hint about memory layout of objects (which would be a major boost but to be honest i am guessing here since i hardly have to deal with c++ - i usually avoid it the be exact...).
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