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Default Savage 2 Troubleshooting (read before submitting issues)

Table of Contents
  • System Requirements
  • Mandatory Troubleshooting Steps
    • Latest .NET framework
    • Update video card drivers
    • Install latest C++ Redistributable
    • Install latest DirectX
    • Runtime Errors and Blue Screens with Vista (Important!)
  • Windows Vista
    • Install Service Pack 1
    • Turn off UAC
    • Run Savage 2 as an administrator
  • Linux
    • Unable to play/update on ATI cards
    • Assistance with updating video drivers
    • Linux system requirements
    • Known issues/workarounds
      • Savage2 - Fatal Error: PNG header and library versions do not match
      • Sound crackles under some configurations using ALSA output.
      • X11 server may stall using an NVIDIA GeForce 8xxx series video card with the 169 series drivers when anti-aliasing is enabled in-game.
      • Cannot select single screen video modes.
      • ./savage2.bin: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.
      • Installer issues
      • Manual install steps
      • OpenGL 3 - Savage2 - Fatal Error: OpenGL 2.1 not available
  • Steam Issues
    • Being prompted to download maps
    • Vista and Steam
  • Common Issues and Solutions/Workarounds
    • Crashing while map is loading and game is minimized
    • Game performs poorly/isn't stable
    • Game crashes after changing game settings (particularly graphics settings) and you're unable to start Savage 2 to revert your settings.
    • Could not find d3dx9_34.dll
    • "Someone is using your account" messages
    • Geom_BuildBlockList: Truncated block
    • Unable to update or play online
    • Where's my account? (Demo account expirations)
    • D3D_Create: CreateDevice() Failed

This thread exists in the interest of having as much troubleshooting information as possible consolidated in a single thread.

If you have any bugs or crashes that you would like to report, please refer to this thread.
Customer and Technical support for Savage 2 is suspended until further notice. If you have a -billing- or -account- issue that directly affects your ability to play the game, please contact S2Games support: (

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