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Well you can target ennemies, but it's only usefull for range (so it's not that usefull, savage 2 is a melee oriented game), and only usefull with shapeshifter and chaplain (basically it will give you an auto-aim). This way of playing won't make sense if you're beginning, as it's pretty difficult to do and won't increase your DPS that much unless you're mastering it :

Shapeshifter : 6 - 3 - mouse 1 - 1 (you lock the target with the polymoph spell but without polymorphing, switch to lightning, use it, switch to melee. You gotta do it very quick to make it usefull)

Chaplain : 6 - 2 - mouse 1 - 1 (same idea, locking with armor debuff, ranging with holy bolt, turning back to melee. But only use it to prevent someone from potting - if he's low hp and didn't take damage for a couple of seconds - otherwise it's a waiste of mana for a healer).
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