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Updated to version 1.10!

There's going to be a Mod event for this next Sunday, 6th of April 2014. I hope to see you all there!

Originally Posted by Change log 1.10
- Lowered Tower prices to match the normal Savage 2 prices.
- Adjusted Tech Building prices.
- Maps with the Building Site system now have special, lower prices for Tech Buildings.
- Lowered cooldown of Necromancer's Repair spell to 30s from 60s.
- Tweaked Health of Tech Buildings.
- Increased Force Lightning bounce range to 500 from 400.
- Increased Force Lightning damage to do more damage against pairs of enemies.
- Decreased Force Lightning mana cost for when you miss.
- The Ares on Wheels now receives extra damage from Builders instead of Shamans.
- The Wizard's Fireball now requires a Tier 1 building, as does the Jedi Mindtrick and the Necromancer's Corpse Explosion.
- Allied Players (and Zombies) turned into Chiprels now get a 150% attack-damage bonus within a 1500 radius of each other.
- Instead of placing a Worker Portal, the Commander now selects a gadget or building to serve as a destination for Workers when they are Recalled. Workers no longer get their attack disabled when Recalled.
- The Jedi Academy now unlocks Taming Flutes.
- Lowered Corpse Explosion cooldown from 100s to 30s.

- Adjusted the Ares' selection radius.
- Decreased Force Pull angle from 360 to 180.
- Spectators no longer use the Hunter model :<
- Fixed some texture seams in Crossroads as well as the blockers in the middle.
- Added more variable resets after sleeps to the mod's scripts to fix some Chiprelmorph and Worker Recall glitches.
- Removed range limit of Dispel (at one point the Wizard had it).
- Recalling a Worker now checks whether the Worker Portal is just a corpse.
- Corpse Explosion now also chains with Players that are killed in the explosion, Pets and NPCs.
- Tweaked a bunch of text here and there.
- Getting Chiprelmorph cast on you twice should no longer break your Third Person option.
- Deleted a couple of unused files to reduce filesize.
- Chiprelmorph no longer unlocks the entire inventory upon returning to normal. Ranged weapons still have this bug.
- Necromancers no longer keep their Zombie Skills when resurrected.
- Added Shield of Wisdom to the Commander's "Structure Unlock Tips".
- Fixed a bug that caused Tech Buildings to be wrongly destroyed.
- Reworked the Taming Flute, it seems to be working nicely now.

- The Commander can now see players' names in the Squad portraits (stolen from Wiwi's mod).
- Necromancers now have two of the Zombie Commands in their Inventory bar.
- Builders can now see building Prerequisites in their building menu.

- Added map Taiga by Darxio

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