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Actually got a decent turn-out for yesterday's play testing. We got about 5 people on the server at one given time! Not as good as the results from the first play testing but we got lucky with that one, haha. Here's some things I noted from just messing around with those other 4 people:

- Sorcerer's Defile spell needs to be fixed in some way. At the moment it's too powerful for its mana cost

- Sorcerer's Meteor spell probably needs a slight increase in damage

- When a Trickster is hit, his Stealth skill exhibits a quick cooldown. This isn't exactly how I want the Trickster to behave. I'll consider either making the on-hit cooldown much shorter or removing it altogether.

- Making the units cost gold to spawn as is still a great idea.

- Requiring 14 players total to start a match of Axiom Eternal is asking far too much. I'll be trying to communicate with the server host to see if he can reduce the minimum players required to start a match down to roughly 8 players (4 per team).

- Along with this I'll be working on a new map designed for smaller-scale play. There will be just one lane instead of three and the garrisons, behemoths, and strongholds will all be closer to one another.
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