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No Pet_Hunter. I thought there is one, since there is a buttun in the tutorial. But if you click on it nothing happen. I thing there is no pet hunter.

Hunter Wind / Fly Animations are hardcoded. You can use sprint_fwd /glide / jump etc. or something but it wont move its wings. At spin too but it doesnt look too bad if you use it for a flying hunter. I'm asking myself how eaxs did it in eldarax.

Steambuchets (and I think Steam Battering Ram) wheel movement is hardcoded. If you change the buchet to an other model, it rotates / bows during moving.

I love VOIP
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Why only 15 year old girls? Since 4 Years, damn I'm doing something wrong...

One day I will find out who is responsible for the K2 scripting "language" and the modding "support". And then...

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