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Lol. "Dwarf", "logman". I don't think it is a dwarf. The beard is not long enough. I think it is only a very small human.

Don't use ranged that much. Doesn't do that much damage. Use a other unit and try to melee or stay with this unit and use it as support and sometimes a bit melee and sometimes a bit ranged.

But they are primarily used to support. Both are good to do building damage because of the extra damage. I think the builder is more defensive and the conjurer is more offensive because of their different abilities.

All the beast units use mana - including the siege units and healers. Siege is used to attack. And healers heal the people attacking. Conjurer can support best there.

Builder uses the shield generator. Better used for defending. It can be used to attack towers too. But if the enemy knows you are attacking it won't work. Too easy to kill.

I almost never buy the ammo and ranged damage increasing items. Only if I for some reason am in the mood to try killing some running shaman as scount and if they are proteced by lots of other units. If they use their skill they are vulnerable for a short time and can be ranged... but not very effective play style I think. And then I always get ranged by lots of other players if I try this and don't have time to aim... better trying to backstab. More fun.
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