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I come to play again after 2 years and that what i feel:

-Savage 2 need to be promoted like a new game. It can make new players focus on it. Also a new promotion for a new update can help it. Contact international and national news websties can help a lot. The F2P is on it maximum apogee so you need to enter on the wave.

-The homepage need a HUGE improve. When i saw it after years i think i was in a 98's style website. Something like SavageXR but who also mixed the will be very and pretty nice.

-At the game i think there's two primordial stuff to improve: The matches need to be auto shuffle. I play two games in 4 minutes due to the balance. When we shuffle the next game we all get fun. Aslo the character/item/bla selection screen needs to be improve so much. Wiiwii's is pretty much better than the original. But not all the players when begin to game watch the forums.

-The download section need a higher speed mirror. I don't know if the terms of use and that stuff allow thast but a simply mirror at Mega or a Torrent mirror can help A LOT.

But mainly this stuff i think you need to buy the game again. Make a HUGE campaign. And the community can help. Im from Spain and i can contact a lot of news site in order to make more visible this game. Also contact some good Vloggers can help. Remember what happen with Flappy Bird.
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