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[QUOTE=PetzI;532572]I guess it's just realistic, since IRL it's usually men that go to war. But all of the beast units might be female, for all we know. Or even the Hellbourne. Honestly, though, I'm not sure I'd prefer having an unarmored/underdressed young woman showing off her cleavage in the middle of the battlefield.
yeh I thought about that but decided..dumb reason. firstly nothing unrealistic about women fighting, they always did though not usually if they had patriarchs around instead..besides nothing all that realistic about any beast units i've seen so far. but what is unrealistis is that there are not even any civilian npcs to work with.

There were plans to have mounts at some point, but either they didn't have time to properly implement/balance it or, more likely, they decided that they didn't add that much to the game and decided to not use them.

fair enough..not much need for mounts in most of the stock maps I've played, and would require a balance unit for beast since mounting anything turns the tables dramatically on its enemies...but it'd be nice if they were there for editors to use.

I'm pretty sure you CAN add 3D models, but I don't know much about that. Someone will be able to help you. As for the rest, like I said, there were time concerns to the game's development. I heard that there was a data loss or something, and the devs lost a lot of work and the game was released in a rush, so the engine has a lot of issues.

I don't think its possible., because the editor only reads .mdf files which are not a standard file type in use by any 3-d animation model programs.

Also, what do you mean it's based on the 3D engine?
I wrote q3 which is a reference to the quake 3 entity/brush/script game design system. I recognize it anywhere..thought S2 is obviously its own proprietary engine I can tell it like most other fps games use a system that is pretty much just an upgrades of the q3 system.
not that theres anything necessarily wrong with that but that breed of games is also well known for being interchangeable and fairly compatible with 3 d entity/ models. scripts compare it to plug and play. By creating an original file type the editor exclusively uses, it means noone can import the standard industry models types into the s2 engine..unless they reverse engineer the mdf file type, and create a converter for them for future reference probably have to crack the game to do that also..only reason i can think of s2 dvs doing it this way is as an anti-cheat measure..but that plus the lack of entities preloaded into the editor leaves the map/mission editor really limited/and imo quite pointless.. any new maps would mostly be MOTS game play/units always..unless or until the source code is released to modders..but it would be better to protect the integrity of the game just to have made the editor read and import/convert/deploy commonly used and open standard model types in addition to the game's original proprietary units.
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