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Default Savage 2 Revival CLICK HERE TO PLAY S2!!

Hello anyone that may be checking out this site believing that it is still a valid way of creating an account to play Savage 2. Savage 2 did die yes, the master server inevitably shutdown and so did Savage 2 for over a year leaving no way of logging on to the game.

In the last month or so player ggggggg (known as Ced in the savage 2 discord) has made an effort to revive the game. Ced has created a new master server for the game, and a new website at where you can download the new client as well as make a new account which are both needed to play the game now. For more information or just for general discussion between the remaining savage 2 community please join the Savage 2 discord at - this is now the main hub of the revival with over 200 players in and about 90 players that are active.

Changes are being made, and once they are there will be an advert for the new Savage 2 in the near future, with hope to get a good playerbase again. We get up to 25+ players everyday online playing Savage 2 at the moment from 19:00 GMT onwards. So if you miss Savage 2, we'd love to see some new/old faces again.

New Website:
Discord (Important):
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