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Default Salut Savage 2

It was good to know you
I enjoyed my time here
I learned team play
Attack with no fear

A game with promise
Who had a set back
Lost their data
Still picked up slack

Team play emerges
Among cries of Stack
Clans grow slowly
To bring teamplay back

The forums grow
with biscuits approval
And yet the game slows
S2's disapproval

SF is the only factor
That defines the game
Which makes too many players
Target the same

And yet the community survived for so long
Gathering together as they belonged
Consider this my Savage 2 salute
I hope all those that see this follow suit
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Very grateful to have experienced this game! x
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Originally Posted by SorveR2 View Post
Very grateful to have experienced this game! x
This one and Savage 1. Its a real shame that Savage 3 flopped.

Surprised this site is still up to be honest. Think there will be a Savage 4?
"if no one's getting mad, are you really being bad?" - Nelson Muntz
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Salut, Savage2. It's been an honor.
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What is this revival of the dead forum? And hell no, Maliken when asked on Savage: ~"I think we will not be revisiting Savage again."

One day, together or not, may we build the goldmine fucking...
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Holy shit something made me think of this game today.

Salut, Savage 2!

Met a lot of great players in this game.
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I've been trying to log into the game from time to time, didn't make it.
Doesn't want to update too..

So, is it dead?..
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I think it's dead, but I haven't checked. I think there's no server to log into or download updates from anymore :< Very sad, but this is the fate of almost every multiplayer game.

Savage 1 is still going, though! It's not the same, but some people swear it's the better of the two. It's amazing how there's still people playing it.
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