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*laughs and walks away*
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Originally Posted by Old55 View Post
Shows how much you know. Servers don't have UI widgets.
<RedOmen> s2 is prolly just making a minecraft clone mmo :P
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He said his server had some warning about updating something like that, and it caused the ping to go from 60 to 105.
I'm just the messenger, don't sparta me down a well. :P
and tell me what ping do you have
oh and is there any way i can disable "UICall - Widget "checking_updates" not found"
in the console
let me look
100 ping
how good is it?
con_showUI false
100 ping? that's solid for me
where do i type that?
in the console
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hey could u re upload the files of the download link of file front
dont seem to be there under ur user name or the old link ;(
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Hey is there a way to get this to work on linux?
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dont c y not? :o

teh win32 competenz assidez obivily ofc ... :o

butt itz all placeboo anyhao + main downloot got no recent xml filez n stuffz no moar me afraidz

turnin off debug shitstorm in console cud halp ur stabilititty tho ass linkz0rd hear

Originally Posted by wizanda View Post
Also here is a way to switch off all the console debug as it uses resources.

Thank you for logging in, Majin`Goku.


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