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Default Technical Help

Thanks to TimiC for providing the guide on which I based this, which had the majority of the information, and thanks to the other people who posted the fixes which I've assimilated into the following source of information.

Symptom: Savage 2 won't run, or Savage 2 runs with poor performance
  • Dual-core CPU
  • 4 Gb DDR3 RAM
  • 512mb OpenGL2.1-Compatible GPU
Graphics drivers:
Symptom: Errors or a black screen after installing and launching Savage 2
.NET (Windows):
Symptom: Errors or a black screen after installing and launching Savage 2
DirectX (Windows):
Symptom: Error reading something along the lines of "D3D_rendererror"
Firewall (Windows):
Symptom: Can't log in
  • If anything is written in the master server status here, then your problem is somewhere else.
  • You need to disable or add an exception to your firewall.
  1. Open your firewall software
  2. Navigate to a button that says something like "Add exception," or "Add rule," or "Add application."
  3. Find the savage2.exe and apply it to your firewall.
Update loop (Linux):
Symptom: Game infinitely attempts updating before playing and always fails
  • Start Savage 2
  • Press CTRL+F8 to open the in-game console and enter the following:
  • setsave upd_checkforupdates "false"
  • Restart Savage 2
Symptom: No buttons work in-game
  • You pressed ALT+tab, and Savage 2 thinks you are holding down the ALT key
  1. Press ALT a few times
Unexplained crash:
Symptom: Crashes without an error, and it isn't one of the above issues
  • Try testing in practice mode. If both this works, then a new thread in the forum is necessary.

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