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Default help

how can i get more souls???
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By killing players.
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1 kill = 1 soul. (not sure about siege). And they also have some travel time.. which seemingly takes ages some time. And if you die before it reaches you then you don't get the soul. When you get the soul is also when you get the health/stamina/mana from maliken items if you have them.
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Any player killed will grant a soul, siege, hellbourne or regular. The exception to this is a commander structure.
You must be alive throughout the time the soul (big blue ball that comes from their corpse) is released and travels to your character. Dying before it reaches you will result in no soul from that person slain. Souls grant hellbourne players additional health.
Let hellbourne allied units get the last hits on kills unless they're nuts. and by nuts, justify that as truly someone that's nuts. It's not worth letting them lose even one soul possibility for their health.
That doesn't mean don't assist them, though. Just let them get the last hit.
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I thought that if you kill someone and die right after, but the soul reaches your body before you go to the loadoutscreen (either by pressing 'E' or by the timer expiring), you still get the soul on your "counter"?

Can someone (dis)confirm this?
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I don't think so. The soul must reach you and then , you have the soul. If you have bought a maliken item (let's say heart), the soul is yours if ever you gain 50 hp. Haven't you noticed that when you die before receiving a soul, it stays above the body and then disapears.
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You can claim a soul after dying by resurrecting before it reaches your body
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There are also NPCs that give souls. Dark Rogues, Golden Trolls....
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you're right
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Default Question..

How do you use your souls at a HellShrine to turn into a Hellbourne?
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