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Released Projects Share your finished/beta modifications with the community!

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Exclamation Modification repository

Savage 2 modification repository

Welcome to the Savage 2 modification repository. Here you can find a list of clientside modifications for Savage 2.

How to install:

Place the downloaded .s2z file in the game directory in the Savage 2 installation:

Linux: /home/<username>/Savage 2/game/
Windows 7: C:\Program Files\Savage 2 - A tortured soul\game\
Windows Vista: C:\Program Files\Savage 2 - A tortured soul\game\
Windows XP: C:\Program Files\Savage 2 - A tortured soul\game\
1. Press Finder
2. Press Applications
3. Right click 'Savage 2 - A tortured soul', and press Show containing files
4. Open Game folder
5. Move file here

Note that 2 mods cannot modify the same file. Make sure to check which files the modification edits if using 2 mods or more at the same time.


37 - No Smoking by MBomber
Disables several particle effects for increased performance.

57 - Sprachkommandos auf deutsch ! (german voice commands) by stony
Translates all voice commands to German

73 - Glow before you blow by EvilRebel
Fixes the timing of the sacrifice effect.

85 - Less particles, more fps by t1ck
1. Changed the overall count of emitted particles in all(yes ALL) the effect files.
2. Edited some effects that still use up to much FPS manually
3. Added the glow before you blow fix and the footsteps fix
My aim was to improve FPS without degrading it visually, althought that wasnt completely possible (e.g. i removed the dust from spires building completely) i can live with it.
Every single .effect file in the game

86 - Brighter malphas settings by t1ck
Changed environment settings when a malphas spawns.
The world is still red but more brighter than before,
Also the view distance is higher (damn fog).

87 - wiwi eaxs alt_info remix
Basically wiwis altinfo but WITHOUT distance meters, sac timer and revive icons.

88 - Blood and gore by t1ck
Added some bloody effects to the npc deaths,
I have the idea from the workers die animation in HvL(thx eaxs!).
But since its a server side script in HvL i had to edit all the npc characters

93 - Classic voice commands by EvilRebel
Replaces the 2.0.0 voice commands with the old ones
All files in following directories:

Want your modification on the list?
To request a number, post a link to your thread and ask for a number that is not currently taken. Make sure that the first post in the thread contains all relevant and up-to-date informations regarding the mod as well as a download link to the mod as an .s2z file.

If possible then include a short description of your mod as well as a list of all edited files.

Combined mods:
Two mods cannot edit the same file. This for example means that you can't have 2 different UI mods editing /ui/game.xml. I will use this part of the post to make a list of combined mods. Mods that include 2 or more mods editing the same file. For this we will use the numbers 1000-1999.

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