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Default How many things are wrong with this picture?

yes i broke the thread but its MY thread so i can O_o
Originally Posted by Dewey View Post
You were dropped as a baby
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your ugly ass taskbar.

- Perspektiv
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1. You're in Msn.com

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You have Safari in your quick launch bar.
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Originally Posted by EvilRebel View Post
You have Safari in your quick launch bar.

Originally Posted by Taawus View Post
1. You're in Msn.com
and this

Originally Posted by Perspektiv View Post
your ugly ass taskbar.

- Perspektiv
And JB is on the pic..
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You're using avast....I tried avast, it slowed my system to a comparative crawl!
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You have two Savage 2 tabs open.

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You were dropped as a baby
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Justin beaver won the country awards. o-o
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You're using chrome.

The subway sandwiches suck.
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