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I haven't had the chance to play Gothic 3 more than a few hours yet. It had too many bugs back then and my computer was not good enough, but after I heard good things about the community patch I could give it another try, because I am a big fan of the environment and atmosphere in Piranha Bytes games. They definitely inspire me in some way.
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Originally Posted by Excerpts from a Mountain Builder's journal
Having decided to forgo my bonds of Builder Slaveitude, I attempted to convince my Builder Partner to escape with me. To my shock, it seems that he has gone mad in this unsafe environment, forgetting even to wield his Builder Hammer while he Builds. Considering him lost, I acrobatically sailed over your encampment's northern wall. Had my head not been protected with a sturdy Builder Helmet, surely hurling myself sideways into the cliffs so many times would have required a Chaplain, but a proper Builder is always prepared!

Making a short stop to pester your pet ape, I decided that I would be as the One True Builder preached, living off the land, watching your puny settlement fall apart slowly over time as my touched Builder Partner smacks his certainly prosthetic fist against the wall of an undamaged shack. I am a proper Mountain Builder now. Seek me not.
Climbing mountains was surprisingly rewarding. I second the request for less obvious places to duel, a bridge like the one in Eldarax would be neat because bridge duels, and you might want to make it more difficult to walk off the edge of the map outside the south side of the encampment... or not. It's whatever. Nice map.
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Nice job there Asa, and also special thanks for the name there. I've just tried the map, and there are great places to make 1v1s, GJ again.
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