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is tis treat meant 2 b sum sort off art taht show inna disputism?? if so me approrve

Thank you for logging in, Majin`Goku.


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I also had a lot less lag on UK 4 than I do on the new servers. As far as I noticed anyway.

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Originally Posted by Old55 View Post
Have you tried using highest quality shaders? There are known issues with the low quality shaders. Most people get better FPS with highest quality.
Well i will try, but i don't have problem with fps, i am just a type of player who doesnt cares much about visual side of the game, i choosed min details to be sure i wont get any minimal graphical lags from my computer.

Anyway, from what i understand, Ophelia and Jerezziah are servers rented from Hetzner, if so then for how long are they contracted?
Last year my friend set up a dedicated server in Poland, and i had 3x pings there but sadly most of the time there werent enought people on it to even start game

(copied from Sigvatr)
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Its not the servers, its the game. Ask Django or Crimson, theyll explain all of this to you.
<RedOmen> s2 is prolly just making a minecraft clone mmo :P
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