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Introduce Yourself New to Savage 2? Stop in and say hi!

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Thumbs up Just2HaveFun

I've been around every now and then during 6 weeks so it's time to introduce myself:
I'm an alt.
Several discovered that... But you will never discover whose!

I love neno's warps <3
And I like cake.

Quick, reply before this thread derails!
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This is retarted.

Especially those who reply after me.
BillyButtCheek for LoL
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Thumbs down

We tried. Doesn't work.
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I don't know which alt you are, but I saw you unstacking often and it was fun to work with you in a squad (personal experience x_X). So, from my side so far, you are welcome, alt or not alt. :P

My alt is communty, I can dance for you.

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Thanks man.
I always try to be a leading example.
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LOL the comic reminds me of us trying to build the Builder-/Behemon-Tower and loooooooooool the Vid is awesome! I cannot stop laughing.

Just2HaveFun, it is FUN to play in a squad with you! See you ingame! =)

Oh and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMBYvKFdeiE
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Hello just 2 have fun, you gave me karma so you must be a really cool person.

Originally Posted by Azcin View Post
hmm i dont even know what this topic is on now

so im just gonna say that we should blame reiku=o
My alt is Reiku7, I spam.
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He's neno.
<RedOmen> s2 is prolly just making a minecraft clone mmo :P
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Originally Posted by coolnesss View Post
He's neno.
Neno can't fight. Don't worry we'll get this case figured some day.
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