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Default How To Stream Savage 2

Windows Users:
1. Register an XSplit account.

2. Download and install the XSplit client.

3. Login to your XSplit account using the client. Select "Broadcast" from the top drop down menu and select "Edit Channels..."

4. Click the "Add..." button and select one of the live-streaming hosts provided. Recommendation: Justin.tv or own3d.tv.

5. If you have not setup an account with the provider you have chosen, a hyperlink in the bottom left corner is provided linking you to the registration on their website.

Once you have an account with the live-streaming host, enter your user-name and password associated with that account. If the channel field does not auto-fill, the host you selected may require you to setup a channel on their specific website. Login to their website and look for an option to Edit Channels.

7. Under Video Encoding, Quality and Max Bitrate are your only major concerns. Both are dependent on your upload bandwidth and your computers processing power. On average, the Max Bitrate should be set to ⅔ of your total upload bandwidth. Use http://www.speedtest.net/ to determine your upload bandwidth.

8. Under Audio Encoding, change the format to 48.000 Khz 16-bit stereo and the bitrate to 128000. Depending on your upload bandwidth, the quality of the sound can be tweaked up or down by this setting. Click OK to finish.

9. Next the capturing resolution needs to be selected. Select "View" from the top drop down menu, then "Resolution". For the best quality select the same resolution you use for Savage 2. Most live-streaming providers only allow broadcasting up to 1280x720 for the average user. It is recommended to play and capture Savage 2 in 1280x720 if your computer's hardware is capable.

10. Next the frame rate needs to be selected. Select "View" from the top drop down menu once again and then "Frame rate". Start with 30.00 fps. If you require tweaking it lower than 25 fps the quality will suffer to a point where you just don't have the hardware to support streaming. Going any higher than 30 fps requires an extremely high bit-rate which most people are incapable of supporting and provides only a very small increase in quality.

11. You are now ready to select the source, or portion of your screen, you wish to stream. Savage 2 must be played in windowed mode in order to avoid a severe graphical bug. In the bottom left corner of XSplit underneath the "Scene Sources" select "Add" and then "Screen Region". This interface will allow you to select the potion of the screen you wish to stream. While Savage 2 is running in window mode, you can double click anywhere within the screen and it will automatically make the Savage 2 window the
screen source.

12. Once you have your source selected you will see it in the main broadcaster window. You will want to make sure it fills the entire window or you will be broadcasting a small window with a lot of black space. Select a corner of the the source being displayed and drag it until it fills the entire

13. You are now ready to stream Savage 2 to the world. From the top drop down menu click "Broadcast" and select the live-stream provider and channel you previously setup.

Donations are still welcome - please go to www.PlaySavage2.com and click on the "Donate" button. TY

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