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Default Modding Variables: Deprecated Stuff List

So... most of the modders already know of that file called game_settings.cfg. Its a marvellous little file, found in resources0.s2z in your "Savage2/game" directory.

In that file, you can find the variable definitions for almost every moddable thing in savage2. The thing is, you cant just mod existing abilities you see in game, but you can also use deprecated abilities to simulate new ones!

The deprecated abilities, units and states are not used in the game anymore, but you can still make them available via modding. Here is a list of those:
Consumable_MalikenSoul: Can be used as a dummy passive item via scripting

Gadget_Mole: Can Repair
Gadget_FireRain: Generic
Gadget_Hail: Generic
Gadget_ManaWard: Generic
Gadget_HealingWard: Generic

Gun_Exorcise: Generic
Gun_FrostBolts: Generic
Gun_ImpFire: Generic
Gun_Locusts: Generic

Melee_MalikenBlade: Built-in Teleport
Melee_BearlothSwipe: Generic
Melee_SummonerStaff: Generic

Player_Maliken: Generic
Player_Summoner: Generic

Projectile_BuilderGrenade: Generic
Projectile_ImpFireball: Generic
Projectile_Locust: Generic

Skill_BearlothSlam: Melee oriented
Skill_ImpPoisoned: Melee oriented
Skill_LogSweep: Melee oriented
Skill_BehemothToughSkin: Has channeling
Skill_ManaWard: Has channeling
Skill_Burrow: Has channeling
Skill_BladeFrenzy: Generic
Skill_SummonMole: Generic

Spell_BladeFlame: Mana/second cost built-in
Spell_BladeHealing: Mana/second cost built-in
Spell_BladeLightning: Mana/second cost built-in
Spell_BladeWind: Mana/second cost built-in
Spell_SummonBearloth: Can summon pets
Spell_SummonImp: Can summon pets
Spell_SummonWorker: Can summon pets
Spell_Grenade: Damage Oriented
Spell_Enchant: Generic
Spell_HailStorm: Generic
Spell_HealPet: Generic
Spell_RainOfFire: Generic

State_BearlothStunned: Stun with armor multipliers
State_Frost: Speed Multiplier
State_ManaWard: Mana regeneration
State_MalikenRegen: Health regeneration
State_SuccessfulBlock: Attack Speed and Armor multipliers
State_BehemothToughSkin: Armor multipliers
State_Burrowed: Blocks movement and makes invulnerable
State_Targeted: Armor multipliers
State_MalikenSpawn: Armor multipliers
State_GrenadeBlast: Damage per second
State_ImpPoisoned: Damage per second
State_Venus: Damage per second
State_Burn: Damage per second
State_Burning: Damage per second
State_RainOfFire: Damage per second
State_BladeFlame: Makes melee weapons apply target state
State_BladeFrenzy: Area melee damage
State_BladeHealing: Hardcoded with adjustments
State_BladeLightning: Hardcoded without adjustments
State_BladeWind: Hardcoded with adjustments
State_LightningBounce: Hardcoded with adjustments
State_PetHeal: Generic (and hardcoded?)
State_Countered: Generic
State_Enchanted: Generic
State_FallDown: Generic
State_Locust: Generic
The only thing usefull about those is to save time searching for stuff.

Although those are the only tools available, the generic ones can be adjusted with scripting to do actually usefull things.

Hopefully this stuff will help someone oneday... Till then, it will help myself!

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Thank you, maybe useful for a minigame in tower defense


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