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Conjurer howto:

1. Find human - whack it.
2. Don't let human whack you. Block - c button. If not working - run.
3. Find human building - whack it.
4. Find Hellshrine - press "R", something happening? Yes - continue. No - whack it.
5. Ammo stuff - ignore it. Shield gen - not for spires, but towers.
6. Stop playing conjurer/builder, play battle classes. Whack enemies. Shoot low life runners. Dance corpses.

Edit: bre, bre.
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Well, Just like every sniper gun. The spores have to be used just as the same.
You have to aim 0.5-3meters to actually hit them. Due to your targets moving, you have to aim where ever they are heading. The spores are easily dodged though. The only reason you may want to use them is just to exhaust your enemie's stamina, so they move less when you're up in melee. Just like every other wep really.
Spore's, if you haven't noticed, have a Damage over Time effect. It only deals so little damage, but it stops your target from gaining/using any health recovering items for a couple of seconds.

If you're enemy is zig-zagging your spores, you'll have to fire in their zig-zag points. Unlike the shotgun, the spores are slow, which means you can just spam them at people that are busy with other beasts. The shotgun though, won't work as well, even though your beast target is busy with a hum, you'll only get so little damage, other times they'll just unintentionally dodge your bullets.
That's what I think anyways. I use conjurer half the time, cuz no one bothers to repair the buildings causing building losses which leads to defeat.

I agree that shotguns are still a little bit better than spores. Spores should have targeting measures, kinds of like tracking missiles. Not like a lock-on but just a little turn. I'm probably confusing.
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