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Default Where are people?

Hey guys, I used to play Savage 2 (and Savage 1, just to throw it in there... God Savage 1 was good before terrible custom maps took over...) and have recently felt the urge to play again, but I can't seem to figure out just exactly what state the game is at. There are recent comments on the forums and from what I gather, an active moderator, and whenever I see a thread about Savage 2 being dead it appears to have been closed after users rebuffing the possibility, yet I don't see anyone ever on on any of the servers (few as they are).

Is it possible that I am running a different version of the game and so can't see the living servers on? I doubt it's to do with my login times cause they have been fairly spread out (granted I've logged in only, I think, 4 or 5 times).

I honestly don't know, if Savage 2 is still alive can someone shed some light on this for me? Perhaps recommend a time for me to jump on and check the state of the servers? I live in New Zealand, so an Australian server would be preferred, but so far I haven't seen any players what-so-ever.


PS: If anyone out there still plays Savage 1, I haven't even checked on it, but is it still kicking?
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Here you can see the list of servers and the number of players on them:

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I think there's usually at least one server with people playing. There's only American and European, as far as I know.

As for Savage 1, www.newerth.com is the game's de facto website., you can download the latest version (called Savage XR) there and there's a server list for it, as well. That one has plenty of players, compared to the sequel!

This is unrelated, but does anyone know who runs the Savage 2 "Mod Server"? I run sky-race and spiral, but I was hoping to ask the host to add another mod or two. Does it belong to the Newerth guys? Or Stony, maybe?

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According to newerth admins Savage XR has 2-3 times more weekly playing time spent on compared to Savage 2. With the upcoming Savage XR press release (game websites are still unaware that Savage XR exists), Steam greenlight, the official melee combat tutorial and some advertising that difference in popularity will greatly increase in favour of Savage XR.

Although Newerth.com is still the community page, with the 10th anniversary of Savage Savage XR got its own website and a new gameplay trailer. Check it out here: http://www.savagexr.com
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A lot of people stopped play, cause in last months is here bunch of trolls players, which like to destroy the game, so even the people who like this game, stop playing it. Even then the trolls will go to hell.
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I'm back now, been logging on at like 1am EST only to see nobody online the past several days.
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Its your log in times, you said earlier you're from australia and australians barely play due to the times.

usually about at 14:00 gmt we just start to have games going on, and it goes throughout to about 23:00 gmt
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I recently made a post regarding this exact topic and I believe we can bring the community back we just need the support and people to tell s2 games hey we are willing to update this game and give the support it needs. I and my team are going to be doing just that.. We need your guys help to do it so the support is needed and we are thinking of alot fo things to do first we are emailing.. They need to understand the community is important and that we are still here! Please email me at aaronpettit2@gmail.com or Skype me : rjhanes
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