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Introduce Yourself New to Savage 2? Stop in and say hi!

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Default Hello Savage2 Players!

~ Hello Savage2 Players!

I played this game back in 2010/2011 with 69.

Me and a couple of friends wanna start playing again, but we're not sure.
We're wondering if this game is dead or still playable?

Hope to hear from you guys soon!

* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iszO605ZMs8&hd=1

Game id: 291050, close bd rush.
Game id: 291109, awesome demo rush.

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Long time no see. Welcome back. Playable, yes. Will you enjoy it? 6.5/10
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and my heart will come alive.
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Hey dutch bro

Would be awesome if you came back.
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The game is playable, we're running weekly pugs and pubs are up almost all day (for eu).
it will be great to have more vets around!
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I suggest you leave and wait for Jeklynn Heights to be released.

For a similar experience in the meantime I suggest you try Natural Selection 2, or if you're a bit less picky; Nuclear Dawn.

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