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Stanz, is there any possibility to move attrib points somewhere closer to spawn button?
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Originally Posted by Osleg View Post
Stanz, is there any possibility to move attrib points somewhere closer to spawn button?
Originally Posted by Stanz View Post
If anyone wants to play with the layout though I stand confident that I've made it fairly easy to edit.
Search for "Layout" in game_loadout.xml.
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Im having problems with the Hover Tips addon.. I installed/extracted as instructed by then it does not work in game. Any suggestions?

Edit: figured it out.. you have to hold a key to get them to show up.. is there a way to make this toggleable instead of hold key.

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Fantastic loadout modification! It looks very nice, and I love the new features.

EDIT: I am having a few issues... For some reason, I cant adjust the order of my skills, because whenever I try to move and icon it disappears from the bar and sits in the top left corner. I can't put it back in. So now I have no buttons in my loadout skill bar... However, when I spawn, they are in the defaault positions. But now the skills are staying the top right corner, even after restarting the game. Also, the little information thing that pops up over my persistent items doesn't go away, even when i'm clicking on other things. Just kind of annoying.
So, anyone know how i can fix the skill arrangement icons?

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links are broken, where i can download loadout2.zip?
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Does anyone still have these mods? The links are broken, mind reuploading?

Originally Posted by S2KingKtulu View Post
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