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Default Mini Game Mod

For a while now i have thought it would be great if Savage 2 had a few alternative game modes, both to add variety and to keep new players entertained as they learn to play the game.

A perfect example of this is in the game "Gunz: The Duel", it is a match multiplayer game just like this, but it also has a quest mode. In my opinion it is not that much fun and i would almost always play a multiplayer game. But there are lots of people that love the quest mode and it brings more people to the game.

What i have done is reconfigured the main menu interface to include a "Mini Games" option.

I altered the create local game screen so that it is now a simple level selector.

And i combined the two mods,

"Helms Deep Defense" by Eragom ~ http://forums.savage2.com/showthread.php?t=18740
"AI Commander Mod" by Holleau ~ http://forums.savage2.com/showthread.php?t=27822

to create a single player version of the Helms Deep map.

You can spawn AI units by hitting ESC, clicking on the Set AI Units, and moving the humans slider.

I uploaded a short video of the mod here ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BQYK...ature=youtu.be

i also included
Holleau's 4 AI maps: AI-eden, AI-ancientcities, AI-autumn and AI-serenity
A small single player map by lalalolo ~ http://forums.savage2.com/showthread.php?t=24355

My hope for this project is not to be a perfected mod, but to be a proof of concept, and possibly to inspire some modders to make more unique maps that could be distributed as a mini game in this package.


This mod alters the files textures-low.s2z, textures-med.s2z, and textures-high.s2z, along with installing resources0_minigames.s2z and the new map files.

installation is simple
-download MiniGamesMod.zip here http://www.filedropper.com/minigamesmod
-extract the directory MiniGamesMod
-open it and double-click install.exe.
please note your antivirus program might detect this as a virus, avast did for me.
if so just disable your antivirus program temporarily.

-to uninstall simply run uninstall.exe

If you just want to download the maps without the modifications to the ui you can do so here ~

Feel free to post any comments or questions, i will try to check back here often.
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Originally Posted by Romans116 View Post
This mod alters the files resources0.s2z, textures-low.s2z, textures-med.s2z, and textures-high.s2z, along with installing the new map files.
Why in the world would you modify resources0.s2z? You know you can just make a new resource file (resources0_minigame.s2z) with your modified files in it. Those will be read after resources0.s2z. Also, why have you modified the textures?
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Can we see the source for the .exe?
<RedOmen> s2 is prolly just making a minecraft clone mmo :P
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Default Old55

Thank you so much for the advice Old55, i had no idea i could simply make another s2z file instead of altering the existing resources0.s2z. i have updated my mod to implement this, really helps to reduce the install time. The reason i alter the textures is to replace the file button_d.dds which displays the image for the buttons on the front page. This is so it says Mini Games, instead of Local. if you have an alternative way of implementing this also i would be glad to hear.

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Default Coolness

I have posted the source to install.exe and uninstall.exe. they are simply python scripts that i have compiled with py2exe. they are very small the only purpose of them is to see if you have savage2 installed in "Program Files (x86)" or "Program Files", it then runs either install64.bat or install.bat. uninstall.exe works the same. The majority of the code is in install.bat or uninstall.bat so to see what is going on look at those. the executibles are just to decide which batch file to run.

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Cool! Love it!
There is always a workaround!
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