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Default Gameserver-Admin-Guidelines

- Rules for Admins, based on Savage 2 Terms of Service -

  • A delayed punishment based on reports, replays and witnesses is always possible.
  • Longer temporary bans or permanent bans should be discussed among the admin group.

  • Category 1: Hackers

Altering the dll can be proven with replays showing abnormal fast and massive Voice Commands use or, respectively, with the future checking methods.
-- Result: Using hacks or similar cheat utilities will result in an immediate permanent ban. (Report to stony)

  • Category 2: Exploits

There are 2 sub-categories of exploits: Hard and Soft Exploits (the lists might stretch later on):

- The hard exploits contain ranged poison (shapeshifter, predator), ranged double swing (savage).
-- Result: The person using hard exploits on purpose will receive a warning. If the exploits are still used after the warning, the person has to be kicked from the server. If the person keeps on using exploits afterwards, he will be banned for 1 day. Further use of hard exploits results in a temporary ban.

- The soft exploits contain ‘stone hunter’, jumping on buildings, eyes/portals in unreachable regions.
-- Result: Generally, the person using soft exploits on purpose will receive warnings. If abusive exploits are used after multiple warnings, the player will be kicked from the server.
This means, if one stone hunter lumbers somewhere on the map without getting an advantage of his state, there is no need for a kick. The situation should be abusive.
If the person is jumping on buildings for an abusive purpose, the person is warned to get off immediately. If not complied, the person will be kicked from the server. If the person does it again in the same game or any proceeding game on the respective server, the person is banned without a warning.

Admins have to differ between purpose vs. accident. If some predator fights multiple people, shooting subject A, using close poison on subject B, then A is range poisoned, but this scenario should not be a ban reason.
If someone clearly uses close-by attacks on distance multiple times, causing the bugs intentionally, he has to be punished as mentioned.

  • Category 3: Misdemeanor

- This category includes excessive flaming, also harmful content in public chats, excessive insults, harass, excessive mic-spamming as well as distribution of cheat utilities, exploits for in-game use or illegal content (compare ToS).
Moreover, mass building senselessly without commander is forbidden.
-- Result: Misdemeanor will lead to a warning. If the defined misdemeanor is on-going, ignoring the warning, the person will be kicked from the server. If the person still tends to excessive misbehavior, the person will be banned for a day. Further misdemeanor will be punished with a temporary ban.

Other obligations

  • Shuffling games for balance
  • Games should start with a normal shuffle vote when its obvious that teams are unbalanced. Shuffles based on the SF are accepted by the players and let them have the feeling of beeing able to influence the balance of the game themselves.

  • When a shuffle does not go through the admin has the obligaition to shuffle the game once with "admin shuffle"

  • When an admin joins a running game that is running more than 5 minutes minutes a shuffle should be avoided. Only when its a drastically stack (30-40 SF difference) a shuffle is mandatory to issue.

  • Games with a lategame stack can be tried to balance with the "admin balance" command to even out the team.

  • Rely on the output of "admin get balance" or "admin report balance" more than the stack-o-mat because those values give a much more precice indication about the game balance.

This ruleset is due to change.

Donations are still welcome - please go to www.PlaySavage2.com and click on the "Donate" button. TY

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