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Default Update on Game Server Rules

Official Rules for Game Servers

This article tries to describe what actions are unwanted on game servers

and how appointed server administrators should handle abusers

It is based on Savage 2 Terms of Service

~ Preamble

As long as "Savage 2 - A Tortured Soul" exists, the "Salvage 2 Team" wants to make sure that the game is a pleasant experience for everyone and that there is minimum friction between the players. With this in mind, we decided to keep a limited selection of players as "server admins", a position which holds special powers and responsibilities.

All server admins are chosen by the "Salvage 2 Team", which represents both the rest of this community and "S2 Games", the official company who runs this game. As a result, server admins are representatives of both the community and "S2 Games". Sticking to the rules described here is essential, and so is remaining as neutral as possible. They should never use their powers to settle personal problems.

The "Salvage 2 Team" takes responsibility for all the actions of the appointed server admins. They have the obligation to listen to the community's opinion on them, but they have the final word on any decision concerning their status. The only exception to this is direct action by official "S2 Games" staff.

The paragraphs below describe the rules that the server admins are tasked to enforce. Those rules apply to all official game servers and also the two unofficial "COIL" war servers. Other servers may or may not use these rules, at their owner's choice.

There is a certain liberty allowed to the interpretation of these rules. Server admins have the choice of taking initiative in the spirit of maintaining a pleasant experience. The "Salvage 2 Team" should be notified when such initiative is taken, especially when it is questioned by other players or members of the community.

~ Categories of Abuse

Most unwanted actions can be classified in the following three categories. Both normal players and server admins should be aware of those and the way they are handled.

> Category 1: Hacking
This category includes taking advantage of flaws in the game infrastructure to acquire abilities not normally allowed by the game. Known methods include, but are not limited to, use of altered dynamic libraries and modified networking packets.

Such activity can be recognised as abnormal player behaviour. In some cases it can also be proved with the use of replays. Some examples of such behaviour are: fast and massive use of voice commands, greatly increased movement, attack and repair speed, and use of administrating commands without being an appointed server admin.

Merely the possession or display of hacking is punishable, even if it is not used in a directly abusive way.

A special case is crashing official servers or forcing all players on it to disconnect with a result of "reliable packet overflow". While the methods behind these actions do not involve actual hacking, they will be punished as such.

While use of macros and other "utilities" is generally frowned upon by the community, they are not considered hacking. Decision on how such cases should be handled is still pending.
There are protection mechanisms implemented in the game to automatically identify and ban hackers. If those fail, server admins should immediately and without warning ban hackers from any official game. This will be followed by an immediate and permanent ban.

> Category 2: Exploits
This category includes usage of flaws in the game mechanics to gain an advantage or to disrupt another player's experience.

Examples include the ranged double swing of the savage unit, the walking stone form of the hunter unit, jumping on top of destroyable buildings and placing gadgets in unreachable areas. Also, blocking other players by jumping and staying on top of them, reconnecting to evade the spawn queue or building at forbidden places, like morning's center.

If a player is using an exploit without taking advantage of it, there is no need for punishment. The situation should be abusive. For example, a hunter lumbering alone in stone form shouldn't be punished, but a hunter on top of a garrison with enemy players unable to engage in melee is considered abusive.

Admins also have to differ between purpose versus accident. While some flaws of the game may be hard to avoid, frequent accidental use of exploits will have to be treated as intentional.
A person using exploits on purpose will initially receive a warning. This might be in the form of in-game chat or in-game private messaging. If abusive behaviour persists even after multiple warnings, the abuser will be kicked from the server.

If the player insists on such abusive behaviour after the kick in the same or any proceeding game, the person will be banned from that game without a warning. If this behaviour persists for multiple days, a temporary ban will follow.

It is necessary to always warn before kicking or banning a player for the first time in a day. If it is suspected that a player uses alternate accounts to evade or delay punishment, it should be made sure that it is the same person. In that case, a stricter temporary ban will be delivered.

> Category 3: Misdemeanor
This category includes posting harmful content in public chats, excessive flaming, insults, harassment or mic-spamming, as well as sharing cheat utilities, exploits for in-game use or illegal content.

Moreover, this category includes actions that purposely and forcefully disrupt the game for other players. Examples of this are senselessly and purposefully wasting the team's gold by mass building, or regularly disconnecting from the server when attacked only to immediately reconnect.

Actions such as inactivity, climbing on scenery objects, running or otherwise keeping distance from action, display of bad skills, lack of teamwork and extensive but normal use of chat and voice commands are no reason for punishment. For example, taunting an enemy, resurrecting someone in front of an enemy malphas, being a bad commander, calling frequent impeach votes or accidentally revealing a backdoor to the enemy should not be punished.
Misdemeanor will generally be treated in the same way as exploits, as described above.

If a server admin suspects that someone is intentionally trying to cause problems while trying to stay borderline legit, he should wait for further investigation to be done before taking any action. If that is indeed the case, the abuser will receive a temporary ban.

~ Other Admin Obligations

Server admins are no longer expected to force balance on the servers. Nevertheless, they are still highly encouraged to call shuffle votes when needed, join the team that needs more help and ask others to do the same. If an admin regularly stacks teams intentionally, his status may be questioned.

Under special circumstances, server admins may swap themselves or another volunteer to the opposite team in order to help balance a game. This should only happen once per match, only within the first five minutes of the game, and should not be used too often.

If an admin receives a report by a player, it is his duty to investigate the problem as soon as possible. If a player is reported for exploits or misdemeanor, the admin should talk to the reported player before taking any action. Kicking or banning should only occur after the admin sees an abuse by himself.

When dealing with troublesome abusers, notifying the "Salvage 2 Team" is recommended. If an admin witnesses or receives reports for hacking, the "Salvage 2 Team" should be notified immediately.

While errors are human, admins are expected to act professionally at handling situations and mistakes shouldn't be repeated. If an admin fails in his task too frequently, he will have to be demoted.

Being a server admin is a position of responsibility. If an admin purposefully, knowingly and extensively abuses his powers, there may be a temporary ban of his account in addition to his demotion.

~ Server Tools

Server admins have a variety of tools at their disposal. Their function and suggested use are listed below. Refer to the preceding rules for more details.

admin kick: removes a player from the server
Use on abusers if unwanted behaviour persists a warning.

admin ban: as kick, but also prevents from rejoining the server until the match ends
Use on abusers if unwanted behaviour persists a kick.

admin micoff: prevents a player from using his microphone in-game
Use on microphone abusers after multiple warnings, kicks and bans.

admin slap: nudge a player to a nearby position
Use to displace abusers who stay on top of team buildings. Take care, as other uses may glitch the target player by moving him underground.

admin get balance: get a report on the relative power of both teams
Use before joining teams to determine which needs you most, or to check on balance during a game.

admin report balance: like getting balance but reports to all players
Use to help people with joining the team that needs them most, or just for emphasis.

admin swap: changes a player to the opposite team
Use on extreme cases to balance games.

admin balance: automatically exchanges two players from opposite teams
Only use in extraordinary cases.

admin shuffle: balances the teams and resets the game
Only use in extraordinary cases.

admin changeworld: change to the desired map
Use to help games start when too few players are connected.

admin restart: hard reset on the server
Only use in weird cases.

The following command can be used by everyone.

request admin
: see the names of server admins who are connected to the server
Use when you need to find a server admin, or to verify that a person has admin rights.

~ Other Abuses

A delayed punishment based on reports, replays and witnesses is always possible.

If in-game private messages are used for harassment, please contact the "Salvage 2 Team" directly. Screenshots or other proof may be required before any action is taken.

If you question the actions of a server admin, you should contact the "Salvage 2 Team" first.

If you question the decisions of the "Salvage 2 Team" you are welcome to post your thoughts in the general discussion of these forums.

~ Salvage 2 Team

Contacting us may be needed for various reasons. Do this by sending me a private message on these boards. I am responsible for forwarding messages regarding server administration to the rest of the team as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can contact any other member of the team. Members responsible for server admins include: S2Stony, Old55, rohezal, gamegod and reiku7.

The team is responsible for delivering temporary and permanent bans and investigating any issues regarding players or server admins. Temporary bans will be of a length from 1 to 14 days, at the team's judgement. The team possesses tools to find relations between different accounts. Server admins should contact us before making assumptions and taking any relevant actions.

An objection from a single person within the team is enough for a server admin to be demoted. In cases of power abuse, a temporary or permanent ban will be discussed among the whole team.

This ruleset is due to change.

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Jumping on top of another player is now punishable? Wtf
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I'm downloading the game.

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Default There are no rules.

I submit that at the time of writing this there are no rules on the savage 2 servers.

Evidence of this fact is clear by connecting to the game servers, I am posting in protest of the behaviour of fallenember and any others like him.

He is completely out of control and he is fully aware that he is free to act in any way he pleases without any need to fear retribution.

Im sure he will enjoy reading this post and then trolling me about it later as he loves negative attention like a naughty child and while I realise that it is likely that this will only serve to waste my time and feed this monster I will not stand idle and allow this piece of shit to destroy a community of people and game that I have enjoyed and been part of for many years.

I request that he is immediately and permenantly banned from all servers and forums that any and all accounts he holds are deleted.

I request that anyone who agrees with me take a stand and support this action.

Failing that I request that you withdraw your statement claiming that there are rules of any kind on the game servers as it is clearly not true and its bad enough that I should have to suffer the trolling of this asshole but its quite another thing for the people who are charged with preventing actions like this to claim that they are doing something about it.

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There are no rules. The game is dead. Please carry on doing more important things. If you don't know of more important things to do I will provide you with some ideas:

1. Call your mother, or if you still live at home, give your mother a hug

2. Have a cup of coffee

3. Jerk off.

You may want to avoid doing any of those simultaneously.
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I'll PM you my Skype name and you can message me if there's any trouble. I can't always be around, obviously, but if I'm available I'll try to deal with it.
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Mind pm'ing them to me (its kitty) Guffrus doesn't play as much as I do.
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I totally agree. BTW, he is on the other accounts called VlaDeatHell and Slowdeath(not sure if slowdeath is same guy, but he is a troll none the less). All of these should be banned as soon as possible.
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Erm, for the record virxcon, he names himself VIADeathell and no VLadeathell same with SLowdeath and SIowdeath
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