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Default How to conjurer :)

K so i started playing this 4-5 days ago and i basically only main the Conjurer (aside from hellborn).
Ive mained the dwarf builder for the humans too, and in my honest opinion he is way better in terms of abilities and weapons.
As a dwarf i just take the item to boost ammo carry amount and maybe pop the second armor and im all rdy to own, he is a monster at range support if you know how to aim and farms gold like crazy!
Whats everyones opinion on the comparison of these 2? Do you agree with me, and if not elaborate in which way is the Conjurer better?

But back to the main question, dont get me wrong the dwarf owns, but the logman is my fave.
So, how does one play Conjurer? Ive played quite a big number of games these 4 days (about 40-50 to be exact) and didnt have that much of a prob with him, but i always felt like i could to better.

So heres what i do with my logman:
-Dump all points into endurance and intelligence
-Get the second armor first. then the item that reduces mana cost for spells (the second more expensive one)
-In battle i usually try to range dmg as i do with the dwarf but it hardly ever pays off, when i see that they know how to dodge, i just run in and tank (which i do very well with max endurance and second armor).

Granted i tried going into strength and he became a melee monster, but it kinda feels off to be a builder unit that can tear everyone a new asshole.

What i really wanna know is how to use Venomous Spores effectively.
They do good dmg and i kinda feel more at home with this class when mainly using this as my primary source of dmg, something like a shotgun.

So in conclusion, is it viable going the way i go with the Conjurer, and are the Venomous Spores a good thing to use, cuz u know, they are one of the main things i found fun in this class ))

Forgive the wall of text, thank you.

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add a question mark in the title.
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Savage 2 is a melee oriented game, and it's not for nothing, you will do far more damage going melee than ranging.

Basically use conjurer and builders for their 2 main functions : repairing damaged structures (and human siege as well for the builder), and attack ennemy structures. Conjurer and Builder deals more damage than other non-siege units, and conjurer deals himself more building damage than the builder.
Also, if you're playing builder, use you shield generator to cover ENNEMY towers when you attack them, or to protect your structures when, and only when, a tempest is targeting them.
Also, if you're playing conjurer, put your mana well at dispositions for shamans, who will as long as it's up be able to constantly healing. Use your roots to trap someone who's running away to use a pot so that your teammates can finish him, or to root someone who's meleeing a Behemoth (this way the Behemoth will be able to one-shot him).

But to sum up, conj-builder are building related units, use them for that. If you want to fight players, then take fighting units (shapeshifter, hunter, pred, marksman, savage, lego).
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I dont actually want to fight players, but its sometimes unavoidable, like if you are expanding forward etc...
I use these "tanking" strats only when im needed upfront to pop down those turet plants and wells for shamans.
IN THAT particular situation when we are advancing, i was wondering is it viable to focus on Venom Spores, i mean im not acutally gonna get in there and get mauled and feed, unless its a tower rush and they need the extra dps.
But while standing on the sidelines and supporting isnt it better to use Venom Spores? So how viable are they to even be used, and should i even waste cash on those items that reduce their casting costs, let alone the one that costs 700 and buffs range dmg by 25%?
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Never buy the ammo or casting items as you shouldn't focus on ranging anyway.
The builder nearly needs no mana at all and the conjurer's got his mana well for mana refresh.

So we pretend you never actually admitted being a range whore.
Go for Strength, agility and endurance stats. Mana at te most 5 points, not more.
Go into melee and only range if you move towards an enemy, if you hunt a runner (conji roots are great for these), if you want to finish a low life enemy, if you want to hinder the enemy from taking health pots or to kite the enemy in a melee fight for some extra bonus damage.

You might encounter some troll and hate post if you keep on asking about the best way to range
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Lol, well the game has ranged weapons for one reason or the other, might as well use them.
Also i havent, in the 50ish games ive played so far, expirienced any rage about my style of play, and when use the dwarf, well lets just say i do a dang good job.

Anyways, i guess ill try and see what fits me the most, if its "range whoring" i guess noone seems to mind up until now.
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Originally Posted by DjemoSRBIN View Post
Lol, well the game has ranged weapons for one reason or the other, might as well use them.
If you read those little tips at the bottom of the screen when you're loading the game, one of them says "Savage 2 is a melee-oriented game. Melee attacks do far more damage than range attacks, especially on structures and buildings" or something of that sort.

Use range when approaching an enemy and to keep them from using potions.

Watch the best players. They don't sit back and just range.
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Originally Posted by Karmashock View Post
you're right
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Lol. "Dwarf", "logman". I don't think it is a dwarf. The beard is not long enough. I think it is only a very small human.

Don't use ranged that much. Doesn't do that much damage. Use a other unit and try to melee or stay with this unit and use it as support and sometimes a bit melee and sometimes a bit ranged.

But they are primarily used to support. Both are good to do building damage because of the extra damage. I think the builder is more defensive and the conjurer is more offensive because of their different abilities.

All the beast units use mana - including the siege units and healers. Siege is used to attack. And healers heal the people attacking. Conjurer can support best there.

Builder uses the shield generator. Better used for defending. It can be used to attack towers too. But if the enemy knows you are attacking it won't work. Too easy to kill.

I almost never buy the ammo and ranged damage increasing items. Only if I for some reason am in the mood to try killing some running shaman as scount and if they are proteced by lots of other units. If they use their skill they are vulnerable for a short time and can be ranged... but not very effective play style I think. And then I always get ranged by lots of other players if I try this and don't have time to aim... better trying to backstab. More fun.
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Use this items your gun make more dmg and like most 200+ sf shot jump back shot jump back shot . when enemy got half HP bar then atak meale. use range like everyone, dont go alone go with group alone you die fast.
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The conjurer when played right is a building destroying machine, hence that's the way I play him!

His melee strikes get bonus damage to buildings - that's why you should close to melee range as fast as possible.

Use the other skills to slow the enemy from getting to you. The venus as a distraction and the roots to stop them for a few more seconds. If there is a lot of fighting - help your teammates but keep focused on that building damage!

If you're looking to maximise DPS, two sets of three swings doesabout six times the damage of the same amount of range+venus - so get in there and start swinging those club hands

For items, I use lungs, potions, gust of wind, trinket of restoration and a resurrection token. Perfect for soloing an arrow tower or causing general mayhem.

If you must sit back and range, then that is what you'll do. However, just remember that all those charging in will be gaining more DPS and experience than you will, as well as being more helpful to the team
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