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Default How to conjurer :)

K so i started playing this 4-5 days ago and i basically only main the Conjurer (aside from hellborn).
Ive mained the dwarf builder for the humans too, and in my honest opinion he is way better in terms of abilities and weapons.
As a dwarf i just take the item to boost ammo carry amount and maybe pop the second armor and im all rdy to own, he is a monster at range support if you know how to aim and farms gold like crazy!
Whats everyones opinion on the comparison of these 2? Do you agree with me, and if not elaborate in which way is the Conjurer better?

But back to the main question, dont get me wrong the dwarf owns, but the logman is my fave.
So, how does one play Conjurer? Ive played quite a big number of games these 4 days (about 40-50 to be exact) and didnt have that much of a prob with him, but i always felt like i could to better.

So heres what i do with my logman:
-Dump all points into endurance and intelligence
-Get the second armor first. then the item that reduces mana cost for spells (the second more expensive one)
-In battle i usually try to range dmg as i do with the dwarf but it hardly ever pays off, when i see that they know how to dodge, i just run in and tank (which i do very well with max endurance and second armor).

Granted i tried going into strength and he became a melee monster, but it kinda feels off to be a builder unit that can tear everyone a new asshole.

What i really wanna know is how to use Venomous Spores effectively.
They do good dmg and i kinda feel more at home with this class when mainly using this as my primary source of dmg, something like a shotgun.

So in conclusion, is it viable going the way i go with the Conjurer, and are the Venomous Spores a good thing to use, cuz u know, they are one of the main things i found fun in this class ))

Forgive the wall of text, thank you.

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