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Default Training Exercises - Circling/Kiting/Tracking

These are just some exercises I came up with back when I was teaching. These are all designed for a duel server. Hopefully they will be of benefit to players:

The Tree (Circling) - pick a tree...any tree, or pole, or whatever. This tree is now your opponent. Practice circling attacks on the tree. Try to get it so that your circles are nice and tight. Your attack should be smooth the whole way around. Play around with your mouse sensitivity if you have to. Mix it up later by circling both ways in a single charge.

Eye on the ball (Tracking/Stationary blocking) - Requires 2 people. The tracker stands on a spot and only uses the mouse to move. The opponent circles around the tracker. No damage is dealt. The aim of this exercise is to teach the tracker to always be facing his/her opponent. The opponent should use sprinting and charges to try to confuse the tracker and get at their back. This can be a little tough as you will exhaust the movement space of your mouse. You can also use this to practice stationary blocking. You can do this with movement as well to practice facing your opponent while moving.

Hit and Run (Kiting & Blocking) - Requires 2 people. The aim of this is train you to switch between guns and melee+block. One person will start on ranged. The other melee. The ranged person will shoot the melee person. The melee person will attempt to attack the ranged person with one single swing. The idea is whenever the melee person gets close the range person will switch to melee and block the hit. The melee person then moves away and prepares for the next hit during which the ranged person switches to guns and shoots again. The hits should be one swing charge bursts. This pattern is repeated until one dies.

Hit me! (Blocking & Swing patterns) - Requires 2 people. Stand facing each other, close. One person attacks while the other blocks and retaliates. The aim is to train you to recognize swing patterns and block and retaliate during openings. The swings should be agreed upon before hand at first. Later you can mix it up by being random and going for a circle on retaliation. This can also turn into a stationary blocking/retaliating exercise. Try this especially with pred and savage and look for those openings.
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