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Default Annonith's mod collection re-uploaded.

As promised here are all of my mods re-uploaded.

Monty Python VC pack
Now this is just for reference sake, coz this mod got included in Majin's super-dooper vc pack and you should all use that.

Cookie Devourer Voices
AKA: my pride and joy It replaces standard Devourer's devour corpse sound with "COOKEEH" and "OMNOMNOMNOMNOM" made by the Cookie Monster.

Karma Cookie Mod
Non-wiwi version (use if it bugs your chat)
Small little mod made for giggles. It replaces standard "give positive/negative karma" with "give/take cookie". Comes equipped with Wiwi's add-on that displays your SF in result screen.

Human Resurrection Sound
You know what sucks? Enemies resurrecting behind your back.
You know what sucks even more? Humans resurrecting behind your back because you can't bloody hear them until it's too late.
Well then here's a little mod that adds a little balance to that. Now whenever humans resurrects, a loud "RESURRECTION!" (Gill, SF3) sound is being played so you'll always hear them.

Okay yeah I made this mod when that meme was... no longer funny as well but I decided to keep it because it helps with dodging the Rams, as well as attacking as them. It plays SHOOP DA WHOOP sound every time Ram attacks with ram.

Now because the Internet is full of manchildren this joke is somehow still relevant It plays FUS-ROS-DAH sound every time Tempest uses pushback. Unlike previous mod it proves no benefits whatsoever, like everything else on this list it was made for lulz.

Installation: Download and place in savage2/game or something.

All the mods (except Monty python VC mod natch) should work alongside all other mods with no problems whatsoever, but if you experience any problems PM me on PlaySavage2.


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I find here mods that I didn't know of before, they are truely amazing mods!
Great work with all of the, also, if you're up for the lulz (and I know its not worthwhile, but its still funny)
make a snatch VC pack, I have some scenes you can see.

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