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Documentation Post useful tutorials and other informative material.

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Thank you for this guide. Btw. I want lua patched into K2 ( and so Savage 2)


I love VOIP
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One day I will find out who is responsible for the K2 scripting "language" and the modding "support". And then...

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ah, it's a wiki! i just need to be registered. ok, then.
but why don't just take over modding.savage2.s2games.com? it just needs unauthorized edits to be disabled and that's it...
i can't remember slowness or offlines, but we may try to ask to move it to another server i think.

btw, why ppl spam projects/sites/etc?
another clan stuff-site, another modding stuff-site, one more some-site and i'll just drown in this hell :P
i hate so many locations for savage2, not s2howto.com, though - it's awesome, thx man!

Though, I vote for bringing S2ModWiki from the dead/forgotten state.

I want less locations for savage2-related things!!!
in code we trust...
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