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Didn't we used to have bots back in 2009 or 2010 on them servers?
<RedOmen> s2 is prolly just making a minecraft clone mmo :P
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Originally Posted by Holleau View Post
- I'll take a look on the Duskwood map today, and find out what the problem is.

P.S.: Is there any signs of the crush bug yet?

P.S.II.: If only I could make the PETs obeying the commander's orders.
I crash yes, but a lot less than before i can play ~30mins before the crash happens (10vs10)
(when sieges and legos/preds are present ingame if it means something to you)

I like the changes on Eden map

Bug on eden:
if i take the new hs-outpost and my units go that way to attack enemy lair, they will range the buildings in range. (charm shrine in my case)
However, beasts units will hide behind their lair and not attack them. (not all but most of them)
But when beasts took back the hs-outpost all returned to normal.

And yes, if PETs would obey it would be cool ^^ but too avantageous comparing to poor AI :P xD
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Default A last try.

Hi all!

The download links are updated!

I've redone the whole failsafe system, and done the testing (First: run all scripts at every 0.5 seconds to test overload for 30 min. Secondly: my desktop computer was hosting a 20 vs 20 game, while i was playing on the netbook) and it ran smoothly, without even a lag for 73 minutes, then I got tired. I hope we can forget the crush-problem.
(Desktop: 32bit, 3 GHz, 3GB usable RAM, 1GB ATI RADEON, OP: Win7)
(Netbook: 64bit, 1.8GHz, 2GB RAM, 256Mb NVIDIA, OP: Win7)

Thanks again for the "beta" testing, it was priceless, and very generous!

- I've solved the "hide behind base" problem. They will stand in front of the base by deafult.
- I couldn't find anything in Duskwood... yet.

Coolness: I think those were Pet-s too.

If it wont crash, then (after my exams) the next step will be:
- Scars & Hellbournes
- PET management for commander
If it will crash, then I'll have to start again the whole thing.

Please give me feedback: Holleau.
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Hey there!

You have started quite a troublesome project here, it is impressive you are still working on it

Thing is, most of the things you want to do have no way of being done :/ At least no known direct way :\

So, sorry I can't help much with this xD I will at least try and give the mod/code a look later.

Good luck and have a good time!
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Looks like a really good project, I don't really know If i would have any good use of it. Except for epic Lulz maybe.
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Default Help in the project

Every little thing counts:
- Feel free to upgrade the code (I've tried to make documentation)
- Testing is never enough, so you can help me find bugs.
- You can always give me new ideas, what to do next.
- You can make some screenshots & modify or make maps fitting to the AI (because I'm really not an artist) (For example: the AI always builds in front of the bases, mines so angle is important... also mines are the waypoints, so mine placement can impact AI behaviour)
- Or just give me a happy day with epic Lulz.

Happy to see you here.

P.S.: Sadly I have some exams this year, so advancement will be a bit slow in January.

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This project looks VERY promising. Very good work! Maybe I can interest you in using my scripting framework. It would make your life a lot easier

Take a look at the git repository, the forum page (examples partially outdated, sry) and maybe the few wiki pages
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I've refreshed the links (because megaupload is down). I'm still working on implying the script to eaxs's framework... (maybe it will solve the problems).
There is always a workaround!
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I realy like this project. Keep on the good work


I love VOIP
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One day I will find out who is responsible for the K2 scripting "language" and the modding "support". And then...

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Much appreciated for the effort, Holleau! I'm still trying to download the map; 2shared keeps flaking out on me. In the meantime, I'd like to ask, does this work online, or is it strictly offline? If I can get this to work, I might be able to initiate a revival of S2 in the Southeast Asian region. As is often stereotyped, Asians like RTS/RPG games like DOTA, and the stereotype isn't untrue. If I can just get the various online communities I frequent to give this a shot, who knows, it just might jumpstart something wonderful - and co-op botmatches are the best way to go about doing this first :P

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