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Default looking for a clan

I am looking for a clan who needs a good commander or just another player for their group... I am kind of board just being out in the cold with no group to join and fight other clans with.....
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As further evidenced here, people looking for a clan don't really know what they're talking about. :|
No lol here. Get your ass in my office.

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Clans are, for all practical purpose, dead.
Originally Posted by S2Maliken View Post
I can live with delays, I can live with some disgruntled "fans" but I can't live with a shitty product that doesn't deserve to be called a game, let alone something I'm going to stake my company or reputation on.

Savage 2 is VERY fun and even as it sits now, fairly polished. By release, she'll be clean as a whistle and success shall be ours!
Originally Posted by Karmashock View Post
you're right
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The clans aren't dead but there has been a decrese the only active clans now is dynasty <-- zz and MS
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