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Default Legend Clan Social Gaming Teamspeak

"Legend Clan" Social Gaming Teamspeak
Teamspeak address: Ts3.Legend-Clan.net:10507
Teamspeak IP address:
Clan Website: Legend-Clan.net

Legend Clan is always recruiting active gamers of all types (FPS, RPG, Moba, etc...) . We use Teamspeak to communicate and we are a very social gaming clan interested in community growth and fun gaming. Here are some facts about Legend Clan.

Legend Clan has been around for several years (over 3 years old) and has been growing nonstop.
We have over 60 active members in the clan, as they get on at different times throughout the day there can be as many as 30 online at any one point in time playing multiple games and always looking for fun conversation.
The minimum age allowed to join is 14 This is one of the rules or "Commandments" you can also see on our website mentioned above.
We have excellent leadership that swiftly deal with any issues that need to be handled. They always get all the details involved before making a decision.
When you join you will get a Guest Speech or "G-Speech" as we call it, its an introduction to the clan and will only take a few moments, during which you will need to fill out an application to join as a recruit.
If you are not sure you wish to join and would like more information, please feel free to ask questions.

Legend Clan has a very strict policy on racial slurs, strict as in thats a no go. Everyone from Every nationality is welcome here, albeit we are an English speaking Group. When you join the teamspeak please make sure your teamspeak name is one worded, and includes ONLY letters. This is due to the fact that most of us have Pheonetics turned on so we can hear who joins the Teamspeak.

We play many games, but there are one or two that seem to stay around longer than others. For instance, League of Legends has the longest standing game time on Legend Clan Teamspeak. From Counterstrike, Planetside 2, and Savage 2, to Wakfu, Star Wars : The Old Republic Online, and Terraria. We have a very diverse group of gamers to cover all interests. These aren't the only games we play, but are a few that have kept interest in and out for a few months now.

If you just have some questions please feel free to hop on our teamspeak and ask away, Sometimes our members are in the middle of something, so please be patient for a minute or so.

Thank you for your interest, please feel free to drop by anytime. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Legend Clan Recruiting Department
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