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Default Active Commanders Mod: Commander Incarnates

#Updated 10-7-2010#

In Summary: It is like a normal match... but commanders may spawn as Maliken or Summoner!

Thanks to Eaxs. Petzi and EvilRebel for their help in modding!
Thanks to Old55 and Osleg for hosting the mod!
And thanks to PeaceAj, Qwernakus, SonsofBonzo, Supersulox and Azscin for play-testing this buggy mod!


- It gives the commanders the option to play as active players. This is called a special incarnation. Humans take Maliken, beasts take Summoner.

- To do this, the commander must place a gadget near one of his bases: The Incarnation Altar. It costs no mana and no money, but only one can exist any time. It is available through the build menu.

- Active Players can buy a new item, Offerings. They cost 300g and their only use is to be placed at the team's altar. They have replaced the mana shrine.

- The commander can press the "Incarnate" button (just above the "Resign" button) to special incarnate. Incarnation requires an Altar and 200 mana.

- The more offerings at the time of the incarnation, the more abilities and stats will be given to him immediately. If the incarnate dies, all stats and abilities gained are lost, and offerings have to be offered again.

-The Incarnatecan place buildings himself, but has no control on builders, conjurers, journeymen or saplings.

- While incarnated, other players may take commandement.

- If the Incarnation Altar is destroyed before a successfull incarnation, the offerings are lost.

- Help displayed when a player joins

- The mod should apply to any map in the form of scripts, UI mods and custom effect files and images.

The incarnation forms are:

Human Incarnate: (Maliken's Model)

-High health, Low mana, Medium stamina
-His blade modes affect nearby allies on cast, that can then leave out of range
-He quickly regenerates mana

Armory Provides:
+Wind Blade: Speeds Maliken and nearby allies as the commander spell. Breaks on hit.
+Blade Frenzy: As you know it, but last shorter and deals less damage with more attacks.

Monastery Provides:
+Healing Blade: As you know it, plus nearby allies get the state as well. The incarnate can be healed this way.

Academy Provides:
+Lightning Blade: Stuns enemies in a wide range for one second, also lowering their armor. The spells cast time is too long, though, for getting a direct advantage without allies nearby

Siege Workshop Provides:
+Fire Blade: Affects you and your allies so that your hits deal 10 damage more, over 1 second.

Beast Incarnate: (Summoner's Model)

-Medium health, High mana, Low stamina
-Iis a bit taller than normal summoners
-Has a locusts gun that has a higher range and attack speed
-His melee attack is faster but deals low damage
-His second attack is very quick

Nexus Provides:
+Mana Ward: Channeling. Rapidly regenerate yours and your nearby allies' mana by a rate of 50mana/sec.
+Mirror Image: Summon a pet summoner who can fire locusts.

Sanctuary Provides:
+Healing Metabolism: Quickly cast (1 sec cd) but low healing that stacks. Healing is cancelled if damaged. Cant heal himself

Predator Den Provides:
+Arcane armor: Channeling: Makes you and nearby allies invulnerable draining mana very quickly (combo with mana fountain?)

Charm shrine Provides:
+Rust worms: Mana costly projectile gun. Lowers armor for 10 minutes to units, sieges and building alike. Returning to loadout cancels the effect on units.

Offerings and Abilities:
Each offering increases damage, health, mana, stamina etc for the team's incarnate. (maybe i put a limit later)
At the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th offering, the incarnate gets a new ability.

Maliken gets "charge attack", "unblockable jump attack", "blade of damnation", "soul feeding" and "global spells"
Summoner gets "increased speed", "poison locusts", "push jump attack", "mana regen" and "health regen"

Improving and Hosting:
If you have any ideas or notice any bugs, please go on and change the code Scripts should be self explanatory with all those goto labels and big variable names... Now, about xmls, try searching the words "incarn" and "maliken"
In order to adapt the mod to another map, just save that map under a new name, then add the resources folder and copy-paste the scripts using k2se. Shouldn't take more than 2 minutes :P

Last Version: "1.3" can be found here

It is the eden map with the mod applied.

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Sounds cool. I'll put it on my server to test when you get done.
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Originally Posted by Old55 View Post
Sounds cool. I'll put it on my server to test when you get done.
thanks for the support!
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1) This should be possible and pretty easy as far as I know. Can't say I've worked a lot with external scripts. Sodankerjuu's GloryMod did this, so it might be good reference.

2) Yeah, you'd need to use a gadget since no unused buildings are available. However, I'm not sure you'd like to have it only cost mana, for balance reasons. That can probably be fixed with scripts. But on top of that, the commander has no empty skill slots (he has a bar just like normal classes), so you'd either have to take away one of his spells or work around it via UI, but I'm not sure how doable that is. Oh, and you can't rotate gadgets, or have them require a foundation (e.g. HS requires Scar)

3) Again, there is only one item that is currently unused, which is Maliken's Soul. But there's no way to make this item work the way you want, since it's hardcoded. You will probably need to replace a current item, one that no one will miss, preferably. I'm also unsure about how to get it to only be placeable around one of your Altars.

The rest is mostly UI stuff, so I'm really not sure. I'm not sure I like the idea of requiring tech for their spells. I hope all this helps.
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Originally Posted by PetzI View Post
Interesting thigs

thanks again petzi!

1) is done!
2) i put it in the buildings menu as a spell on skill slot 11 (yeah, thats an item slot but it works! had to mod the ui ofc. It will not require any technology). The only problem is to make it castable only near garrisons/sublairs. Used the same way with the offerings but cant get the location of the Lair/SH. Still working on that point, though its not that urgent.
3)someone just tell me the ui method to put it with the other items and i think i can handle the rest. still working on this

Well, the spell requires tech thingy is the only way i can think of to make the unit sound strategicall, along with the no building while incarnated.

Today i corrected some effects and spells and the way you buy the offerings. maybe we could start testing the balance issues within the week? I only need to disable building when incarnated and thats all...but i cant do it alone: im only one player, and i need another one to see the effects and if my scripts work

edit: just realised maliken's flameblade wasnt that customisable.... will have to add a spell for that, and that might take a while

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I'm more interested in the why and how.

1. Why are you doing this?
2. How is this going to properly do whatever you want it to?

Other than that sounds cool, I guess.
I'm amazed at the level of dedication you have!
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1) For fun. Why, do i look like a k2 member or something? :P Also because i would like this feature and it is an experience to do it. And because i like this game and i want to see more mods and variatons so it stays alive After all, just playing the game as a free account needed a refresh.

2) By spending hours. In fact, the only things i need right now are:
i: the game_settings.cfg file i am working on
ii: the ui/game_loadout.xml file
iii: the ui/game_commander.xml file
iv: volunteer servers because i dont have one
v: any map
Any other material like extra models, effects and stuff are also welcome in.

In fact, what i would like to find the easy way right now (that is you telling me here :P) is how to add a custom loading screen (like the one in the survival mod or hvl) and how much xp you need to level (like 1000xp for level2 and 3000xp for level3? similar to the dnd system ? :P) and also how to give mana to the commander. I dont ask about making the gadget costing money, cause i heard it cant :(

What is left doing:
Limit the building when the commander incarnates (is there a global skill disable command?)
Writing an intro spawn screen with a quick review of the mod
Giving xp to the incarnate when he spawns
Testing if it really works
Improving the balance and the effects
Declare it done and subject to your curiosity, modding interest and commanders' thirst for blood
Keeping the mod alive for a while if it is worth it

(sorry, but i cannot really implement the ideas you proposed for maliken in that forum :( id have to change his melee weapon to make him block like everyone else, and im not in the mood to do this before testing. I also cannot specify when the blade effect applies, like it draining armor only from hellbourne. And i find the slow the enemy team too powerfull: speeding your team seems better and more teamplay oriented. Cant remember your other ideas right now ...)

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Maliken would be too powerful imo compared to summoner.
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Channeling doesn't sound too useful, basically a shaman chant without the heal attached

Healing metabolism; terrible since damage cancels it, making it near useless in a fight, especially if maliken uses lightning blade, heck one rangewhoring savage spraying bullets at your team would constantly cancel your heals.

Chilling wave; sounds like a malph's tephra wave or a behemoth shockwave. You know how useful those two are (not at all)

tl;dr summoner sounds underpowered compared to maliken.

If nothing else replace the locusts and chilling wave with something team-oriented that gets more effective with numbers, especially since it seems more of a support unit than a tank from your description.

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Thanks for commenting

Mana channeling: it heals your mana too (contrary to shaman that looses mana!) (gives mana to your mirror image too) at a rate of 50 mana per second (thats enough, keeps your incarnate's image throwing locusts all the time, as long as you dont change target, stoping the channeling)

Healing: you sound right here.... the concept was to make it usable in between fights only... maybe i balance this by reducing malikens heal percent, or make it persistant to damage... not sure what to do here.... Also, malikens speed buff is cancelled too when hit.

Chilling wave: replaced with rust worms. it is a spell-gun with the locust model (didnt have another one) similar to predator's fireball (the one that sticks to the ground) that lowers enemy armor by 1/4 (stacks) and also causes damage (x10 for sieges)

Maliken's fireblade got split, to one that causes damage over time and to another spell, given to him by siege workshop, that kills a tempest in 10 seconds or something... with a great mana cost. As you can see, i make the siege tech providing great counter-siege abilities (in the same cheme with the cannon-static towers)

Yes, summoner greatly improves with tech... but maliken has teleport etc... maybe i limit the teleporting or something (make it dependant to armory or monastery?) But when one tells maliken is overpowered and another one tells summoner is, maybe we just need to test it #edit: malikened owned the summoner#

The locusts is not supposed to be replaced: i need the summoner to be able and deal great amounts of damage as maliken can.

In fact, we could start testing from today, may upload a map with the scripts applied within the day, or maybe tomorrow.

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