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the hunter is my favorite unit by far, and i tend to play with him well late into the game, (someone needs to put down those bats!) people can totaly dominate with the hunter, heres how i do it.

Circle strafing is key for any unit but is especially key for hunter, and even more so when fighting groups of enemies. try to use ur charge when using circle strafe, and dont just use left circle moment( its alot easier to use for right handers,) use right side circling. If u dont know whut circling the opponent its just going around them in a quick manner in order to get at their backs, and to go around their blocks if they trying to block.

Sometimes it is wise to start attacking ur three swing combo before getting to ur opponent, and then when ur about to use ur third strike charge then to the side, hopefully sneaking in a high damage attack thru their defense.
Be carful about using frenzy early in fight, it uses alot of mana quickly an u might find urself completely out of mana.

The 2ndability i forgot whut its called, is critical to use to close the gap when humans are ranging u or running away from u. learn to aim it so u hit the opponent at the farthest of its range. I shed a tear of happiness whenever i finish off a opponent by using that 2.
And like whut every one else is saying, use ur high melee ranged to frustrate ur opponents. try backing up in a zig zigzagging manner with attacking and u can easily hit them while they attack nothing but air.

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