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Default New Models..mount

Well I spent enough time playing around with the editor to realize I need to read the tutorial now to figure out how to get retainer npc entities to spawn..and also realize that there seems to be no way to import new 3d models into the game so I have run out of easy workarounds to figure this all out so Im here at the forums to ask the questions that have now been plagueing me for a long enough time since I started playing around in this game..why is it such a total sausage fest? eg no female models to choose from or npcs to seduce?...and while i don't really need to ask why no mounts i imagine there is a play balance fear/concern or something among the current "ellite" fan base..I need to ask why has it been made to be impossible to create new 3d models into the game..and yet..for some reason..we have a map editor..? based on q3 engine no less..What kind of sick person creates such a narrow and creatively closed franchise? Well I hope this message reaches someone who has some helpful answers..btw perhaps I'm misguided but I DO believe this is probably part of the reason the servers are so scarce when i log on..its a complete sausage fest whenever anyone IS online...k now I'm on my way to the tutorial because my hope is to create a mod that i can enjoy playing solo..If i hadn't already invested some time in creating the beginnings of a cool map I'd already be laying WOB and the game I found mentioned in the forums yesterday Blade and Mount instead.
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